Update List for the Year 1996

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News and Notes: 12/29/96
Cornell Appears to be Okay After Injury
Would You Kill to Have Mack on Your Team, or What?
Switch to U.S. Internet Progressing Nicely -- So Far
Feeling Sarcastic Here at HokieCentral

Stand and Deliver
by Will Stewart, 12/23/96

News and Notes: 12/23/96
Well, That Went About As Well As Expected

News and Notes: 12/22/96
HokieCentral is Moving Soon
NRVNet's Mail Server is Down

News and Notes: 12/21/96
Conaty Speaks His Mind
One of These Days, We'll Talk Football Again

News and Notes: 12/18/96
Those Awesome Reporters at Channel 7
Edmonds and Crawford Suspended -- While the Plot Thickens

News and Notes: 12/16/96
Edmonds and Crawford Arrested for Rape
Kishbaugh -- Has He Given Up Football?

News and Notes: 12/15/96
Hokies Winning Battle of the Ticket Sales
Hoops Goes Down to Georgia

News and Notes: 12/14/96
I Knew That Would Get to You

News and Notes: 12/12/96
Here's Something That Shouldn't Surprise You
Cornell Makes AP 2nd-Team All America

News and Notes: 12/11/96
Bowl Tickets Moving Briskly
Hokie Hoops Trying to Find Their Way
Husker Links and a Comment About the Game
Whither the Bowl Money?
Another Plug for the Hokie Handbook
About Advance Auto

Why AP Stands for "All Politics"
by Bruce McKinley, 12/9/96

News and Notes: 12/9/96
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Orange Bowl...
Yes, Other Things Did Happen This Weekend

News and Notes: 12/6/96
Orange Bowl Info

News and Notes: 12/5/96
Postseason Honors Pour In
Beamer Out of Running for Alabama Job
VT-Florida a Near Lock
Tiki the Hokie?
Shayne Graham's Status Still Uncertain
NCAA Stats
Sagarin's Computer Needs Help

News and Notes: 12/3/96
UVa Game Analysis
Bowl News
Hokie Pros

News and Notes: 12/2/96
AP Pollsters Try to Kiss and Make Up

News and Notes: 12/1/96
Basketball Page Now Up

News and Notes: 11/30/96

News and Notes: 11/27/96
UVa Game Preview
UVa Jokes
All Kidding Aside

News and Notes: 11/26/96
WVU Game Analysis Posted

News and Notes: 11/25/96
Heeeeeerre Now! Hokies Pound WVU
All Right, You Know What Time it Is...
A Slight Change Here at Hokie Central

News and Notes: 11/22/96
Border Brawl
The Hokie Handbook
Quick Hits

News and Notes: 11/21/96
Scales is the Man
Hokie Stats
The Fighting Gobbler
CBS -- Callous Broadcasting System
Nice Job, Roanoke Times
Miscellaneous Notes

Why the Hokies Can be a Consistent Top 10 Program
by Jason Whitlock, 11/20/96

News and Notes: 11/20/96
And Now, for Something a Little Different...

News and Notes: 11/19/96
Miami Game Analysis Posted

News and Notes: 11/18/96
I'm Telling You, Don't Schedule the Hokies for Homecoming!
The Polls: Exactly What Does "AP" Stand For?
Another Hokie Web Site
An Interesting Request
One Last Thing About the Miami Game

News and Notes: 11/15/96
A Few Last Notes About Tech/Miami
Weird Stuff I Heard About Through Email
Surprise, Surprise!

News and Notes: 11/13/96
About Miami
Some More Thoughts on the ECU Game
Other Miscellaneous News Items

News and Notes: 11/12/96
ECU Game Analysis Posted
Banks Doubtful for Miami
Hokie Hoopsters Win Exhibition

News and Notes: 11/11/96
Hokies Whack Pirates, Move up in Polls

The Suspensions:Too Much, Too Little, or Just Right?
by Will Stewart, 11/8/96

News and Notes: 11/6/96
Indictments Handed Down Against 8 Players
Black Wednesday
Crandell's Status

News and Notes: 11/5/96
SW Louisiana Game Report Posted
Crandell -- In or Out?
Orangemen Rolling
The Mystery End Zone
More Poll Madness

News and Notes: 11/4/96
Hokies Dispatch of SW Louisiana, Reappear in Top 25
The Tiebreaker Question Answered
Where to Get the Bumer Sticker
UVa -- Ugh?
Who Was That Guy?

News and Notes: 11/1/96
Cornell Finalist for Lombardi Trophy
Miscellaneous Items

News and Notes: 10/31/96
Grand Jury to Meet Next Wednesday
More About Jennings
That Kiper's a Genius
SW Louisiana
Other News

News and Notes: 10/30/96
Shhh! Quiet! Somebody Will Hear You!
Wade Featured in USA Today Article
Hokie Huddler On-Line ... Sort of
The Big East Tiebreaker

News and Notes: 10/29/96
Hokies Slip Past Pitt; WVU Stunned at Home
Morrison, Thomas Out Indefinitely
Hokies in the Pros
Another Hokie Page
Quote of the Week

News and Notes: 10/16/96
Hokie Central is on Hiatus
Ace Looking Good

News and Notes: 10/15/96
Hokies Smash Owls
Oxendine Big East Player of the Week
Where Was Cornell?
Hospital Visits
Some Observations About the Polls

News and Notes: 10/10/96
Ace Goes Under the Knife
Ford Kicked Off the Football Team
Hokies on the Duece
Punt Team Correction
Temple: A Points Explosion?
Well, Excuse Me
One Last Note

News and Notes: 10/8/96
Cornell Out 3-4 Weeks With Injury
Parker Reinstated
Quote of the Week
Other Notes

News and Notes: 10/3/96
Running the Guantlet
A Peanuts Funny
Correction Regarding Robert Adams
Boring Stuff

News and Notes: 10/1/96
The Hokie Hotline Show, the Day After

News and Notes: 9/30/96
Orangemen Smash Hokies

News and Notes: 9/27/96
Parker to Redshirt?
Props From Texas

Why Tech Should Win Against Syracuse
by Will Stewart, 9/26/96

News and Notes: 9/26/96
Turkey Bites

News and Notes: 9/25/96
Turkey Bites

News and Notes: 9/24/96
Turkey Bites

News and Notes: 9/23/96
Hokies Cruise Past Rutgers
Hokie Central Reacts by Updating Format

News and Notes: 9/19/96
Ace Injures Knee Again
George Welsh, Speaking His Mind

News and Notes: 9/17/96
Notes From Boston

News and Notes: 9/13/96
Turkey Bites

News and Notes: 9/12/96
Turkey Bites

News and Notes: 9/11/96
Turkey Bites

News and Notes: 9/10/96
Turkey Bites

News and Notes: 9/9/96
Turkey Bites

News and Notes: 9/8/96
Hokies in Trouble Off, On Field

It's the Journey, Not the Destination
by Will Stewart, 9/5/96

Retirement of a Master Builder
by Will Stewart, 9/5/96

News and Notes: 9/5/96
Foster to Retire After Next Season
Edmonds Suspended
Listen to the Game on Audionet

News and Notes: 9/1/96
The Big East, Week One
Turkey Bites

News and Notes: 8/26/96
Scrimmage Report

News and Notes: 8/22/96
Complaint Department
News About the New Guys
Welcome to School, Shayne
He Must Have Eaten His Wheaties
Basketball Team Lives and Learns
Hokie Central on the Road

News and Notes: 8/18/96
Gee, I Didn't Know That!
Help, I've Created a Monster!

News and Notes: 8/14/96
Football Team Conducts Annual Media Day

News and Notes: 8/11/96
Season Tickets are Here!
Hokies in Strange Places
In Case You Missed It

News and Notes: 8/8/96
Turkey Bites

The Difference Between Old Hokies and New Hokies
by Will Stewart, 8/5/96

by Will Stewart, 8/5/96

News and Notes: 8/5 1996
Watching the People Who Watch the Hokies

News and Notes: 7/28/96
Good News and Bad News (Mostly Bad)

News and Notes: 7/24/96
The Future of Hokie Central
Boy, is it SLOOOW Around Here

News and Notes: 7/14/96
Turkey Bites; Season Tickets and More

News and Notes: 7/11/96
All Kindsa News About Former Hokies
Let's Put This SEC Thing to Bed

From the Outhouse to the Penthouse
by Will Stewart, 7/2/96

News and Notes: 7/2/96
There's a New Sheriff in Town at Miami
Turkey Bites

News and Notes: 6/28/96
Beamer Gives Some Back
Tragedy at the Cassell

News and Notes: 6/25/96
All Things Athlon

News and Notes: 6/17/96
Frankie's Beamin' for Five More Years
The Hokie Bird: Mere Mortal, or Mascot God?
The Amherst Pipeline Spits Out Another Star for Tech (Camm Jackson)
Turkey Bites

News and Notes: 4/30/96
Hokies Get Commitment From Pre-Schooler (David Pugh)
Del Ricco Parties and Brings Down the House -- Literally
Hokie Free Agents Galore

News and Notes: 4/23/96
Spring Football Game Report
Still, Price Get Drafted

Go to Jail ... Go Directly to Jail
by Will Stewart, 4/16/96

News and Notes: 4/16/96
Anybody Wanna Watch TV?

News and Notes: 4/9/96
The (Hokie) Bird is the Word
News Flash: Dave Braine is Going Insane!
What to Expect From the O-Line Next Year

News and Notes: 4/2/96
BC QB Hartsell to Bow Out
More Recruiting Notes
Hey, You! Buy Season Tickets!

News and Notes: 3/26/96
Spring Football Practice is Now in Session
Injury Update
Next Year in Hokie Hoops

News and Notes: 3/19/96
Well, After All, They Are Kentucky
The Worst Part About Playing Kentucky
Was This a Good Year ... Or Not?
See Ya, Fellas

News and Notes: 3/12/96
The Hokies Get Screwed ... Again
Hokie Stuff is Hot Stuff

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