Rookie Diary #5: In Town For Pro Day
by TechSideline.com, 3/17/04

In this latest installment of Nathaniel Adibi's rookie diary, he gives us a brief update of what's to come on Thursday, and how he views it.

Adibi returned to Virginia from Oakland on Monday, flying into Norfolk, then he flew from Norfolk to Roanoke on Tuesday morning. He is preparing to participate in the first of two Virginia Tech "Pro Day" workouts, in which scouts and coaches from many NFL teams visit Blacksburg to work out draft-eligible Hokie football players on the VT campus, in NFL Combine-type drills.

The first such Pro Day is tomorrow, Thursday, March 18th. The second is scheduled for the following week.

Today is just going in, warming up, doing my stretches, doing a little bit of drills, nothing too serious. Just keep my legs fresh a little bit, get my legs back, especially from traveling the last couple of days. Just try to recuperate a little bit, make sure I replenish everything that I lost. I bought a lot of Power-Ade, just to make sure everything's straight for tomorrow.

Tomorrow we have weigh-ins and height at 11 a.m. Then we start working out at 12 o'clock. I'm not sure what [NFL] teams are going to be there, but we have a lot of big-time players coming out from Tech, so I'm sure pretty much every team is going to be there. I'm pretty sure a lot of head people are going to be there tomorrow. I'm thinking possibly a couple of GMs, maybe some head coaches, that's what I'm thinking. I'm not totally sure, but we do have a lot of big-time people coming.

Pretty much all the seniors, [plus] DeAngelo Hall and Kevin Jones [are going to be working out]. We've even got Chris Buie coming back, I've heard. He graduated from here, so he can come back and do it here. We also have, I heard, T.J. [Jackson, former VT whip linebacker] might be doing some stuff with us. I heard he might be giving it another shot. On the seniors, I've seen everybody except for Crawford, Shreve, Jake Grove.

We do the same exact drills [as the Combine]: the 40, the L-drill, the shuttles, the broad jump, the vertical jump. After that, you go to the Field House, and at that time, they can put you through any drill they want to put you through. That's the whole point of an individual workout, they can put you through any drill, and you're pretty much on their time. Till they see that you've done everything.

I'm pretty sure everything but maybe the L-drill will be done in Merryman, and the rest is in the Field House.

[As far as importance, I think] it's about the same as the Combine. The Combine has every team, every head coach, everybody period was at the Combine. Since we do have a big crowd coming out for Pro Day, this should be as important as the Combine, because a lot of the same people will be there. Maybe not as many, but some of the same people will be there.

It's definitely more physical and less mental [than the Combine]. Depending upon how things go, they may take you into the media room, and maybe have you break down videos, but other than that, it's all drills.

I feel great, so far. I'm about to get in the steam room. My legs feel great, everything feels good, and I'm just going to give it my best shot tomorrow.

Next Update:
How Pro Day #1 went.

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