The TSL Extra Archives, 2000-2001

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Issue #14: December 20, 2001
Letter from the Editor: Let's Bowl
The Gator Bowl: It's a Year-Round Thing
The 1993 Independence Bowl: Jeff Holland
The 1995 Sugar Bowl: Will Stewart
The 1998 Music City Bowl: Bud Foster
The 2000 Gator Bowl: Ronyell Whitaker
Inside the Numbers: Bowl Payouts
Issue #13: November 20, 2001
Letter from the Editor: Three Future Stars
Kevin Jones: On the Fast Track
Recruiting Interview: Jonathan Lewis
Cols Colas: The Making of a Defensive End
"Rest When You Get Old, Sleep When You Die"
Tickets, Please
Men's Basketball Preview
Women's Basketball Preview
Inside the Numbers: Sackmasters
Inside TSL: Short Takes
Issue #12: October 17, 2001
Letter from the Editor: The Big Guys in the Middle
The Future: Breaking it Down
In Search of Defensive Tackles
Dan Wilkinson: A Life on Track
Where are They Now: J.C. Price
Popcorn, Pizza, and Pretzels
Virginia Tech's Own "Rudy"
Inside the Numbers: Special Teams Dominance
Inside TSL: Short Takes
Issue #11: September 19, 2001
Letter from the Editor: Keeping On
Recruiting Profile: Noland Burchette
Wrong Turns and Bad Decisions: The Fate of Camm Jackson
Sweet Feet Steps Up
A Game of Inches (Alan Wheeling)
Inside the Numbers: The 1995 Defense Versus the 1999 Defense
Inside TSL: Tracking Camm Jackson
Issue #10: August 17, 2001
Letter from the Editor: Ready for Kickoff
Recruiting Profile: Brandon Gore
A Momentary Lapse in Judgment (Derrius Monroe)
Big East Preview 2001
Big East Team Capsules
Inside the Numbers: Big East Media Predictions
Inside TSL: Crunch Time
Issue #9: July 17, 2001
Letter from the Editor: The Calm Before the Storm
Recruiting Profile: Montavis Pitts
A Look Back: the 1990 Tech-UVa Game
Point: College Football Needs a Playoff
Counterpoint: College Football Doesn't Need a Playoff
Outside the Lines: Virginia Tech Licensing
Inside TSL: Short Takes
Issue #8: June 18, 2001
Letter from the Editor: Completing the QB Trifecta
Recruiting Profile: Chris Clifton
The Money-Makers, Part 3: Basketball
The Big East, 2001: Game by Game
Catching Up With Torrian Gray
Inside the Numbers: Tumbleweeds in Cassell
Inside TSL: Short Takes
Issue #7: May 16, 2001
Letter from the Editor: Filling the Summer Void
Recruiting Profile: Bryan Randall
The Money-Makers, Part 2: Football
The Big East at 10
Short Take: Catching Up With Danny McGrath
Inside the Numbers: Bowl Ratings and Attendance
Inside TSL: One of My Better Days
Issue #6: Apr. 18, 2001
Letter from the Editor: What To Do for an Encore?
The Money-Makers, Part 1
The Big East/ACC Merger
Spring Football Thoughts
Agents and Athletes
Short Takes
Inside the Numbers: Power Ratings
Inside TSL: What Has Taught Us
Issue #5: Mar. 16, 2001
Letter from the Editor: the Biggest TSL Extra Ever
Interview: Thomas and Kevin Jones
Ox in the XFL
Catching Up With Corey
Building a Better QB
The Mountain Ahead
Inside the Numbers: Defensive Performance
Inside TSL: Interviewing the Big Names
Issue #4: Feb. 16, 2001
Letter from the Editor: Recruiting Coverage of a Different Sort
Recruiting Profile: Coach Jim Cavanaugh
A Short List of Do's and Don't's
Ten Things Every Fan Should Know About Recruiting
Pole-Sitting: A New TSL Phenomenon
Inside the Numbers: Ranking the Recruits
Inside TSL: Recruiting Coverage is King
Issue #3: Jan. 17, 2001
Letter from the Editor: A Glimpse of the Future, Hopefully
Recruiting Profile: Will Hunt
Some Thoughts as #7 Leaves
Matt Lehr: Looking Back
Jim Davis: Looking Forward
Inside the Numbers: The Big East, Best in Show
Inside TSL: The Reaction to "Goodbye Michael"
Issue #2: Dec. 18, 2000
Letter from the Editor: Life is Good
Recruiting Profile: Justin Hamilton
Happy Hunting Grounds (Recruiting)
Lee Suggs: Son of a Preacher Man
Carpenter's Team: Champions of the South
Inside the Numbers: Tech's TV Ratings for the 2000 Season
Inside TSL: Creak ... Groan...
Issue #1: Nov. 17, 2000
Letter from the Editor: Here We Go
Interview with Chris Colston
Building and Maintaining a Coaching Staff
John Ballein: From Mohawk to Main Man
Bruuuuuce: One of the Best
Inside the Numbers: Tech on Turf
For Charlottesville Hokies, a Decade of Change
Inside TSL: The Origins of the Name


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