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   Tech Sports News

VT-Miami: The Quarterbacks Tell the Tale
by Chris Coleman,

Whatís the difference between Virginia Tech and Miami? The defenses are certainly similar, ranked one and two in the nation. Both teams have a number of athletic receivers who can make plays. Both have an All-ACC caliber tight end. The biggest difference between the two teams is the quarterback position, and you will probably see this factor into the final score of the game on Saturday night.

Marcus Vick is a junior who has been in the VT system for awhile, despite missing a season due to a suspension. He is a talented, savvy quarterback who plays his best in big games such as this. Kyle Wright is a young sophomore who is seeing his first extensive playing time in his first season as a starter. He has talent, but this season he has racked up many of his ten touchdown passes against inferior competition such as Duke and Temple. Against the better teams on Miamiís schedule, he has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns.

Itís unfair to put this game on Wrightís shoulders, but he will likely have to win the game for Miami with his arm. The only Miami quarterback to beat Virginia Tech since 1994 is Ken Dorsey. Miami has had some good quarterbacks since 1995, but good never got it done against Tech. You had to be great, and Dorsey was. Kyle Wright is talented, but he is not yet great at this point.

The game will come down to Marcus Vick and Kyle Wright, and while Tech quarterbacks generally donít throw for as many yards as Miamiís quarterbacks, they are more efficient, with the notable exception of the 2001 game. Take a look at this chart, which compares quarterback performances in every VT/Miami game dating back to 1995.

Virginia Tech-Miami Starting QB Stats
Virginia Tech QBs Miami QBs Result
Year Name C-A-Yds TD-INT Name C-A-Yds TD-INT Score
1995 Jim Druckenmiller 9-16-97 0-0 Ryan Clement 13-25-182 0-1 13-7 VT
1996 Jim Druckenmiller 15-24-202 1-0 Ryan Clement 17-26-202 1-0 21-7 VT
1997 Al Clark 10-12-153 0-0 Ryan Clement 14-23-212 0-0 27-25 VT
1998 Al Clark 14-26-153 2-1 Scott Covington 13-28-282 3-1 27-20 VT
1999 Michael Vick 11-23-151 0-0 Kenny Kelly 8-17-138 1-2 43-10 VT
2000 Dave Meyer 13-25-225 1-1 Ken Dorsey 11-23-283 3-0 41-21 UM
2001 Grant Noel 4-16-81 0-4 Ken Dorsey 21-44-235 1-0 26-24 UM
2002 Bryan Randall 15-26-165 1-0 Ken Dorsey 12-20-300 2-1 56-45 UM
2003 Marcus Vick 2-4-44 1-0 Brock Berlin 16-25-164 0-2 31-7 VT
2004 Bryan Randall 11-18-134 2-0 Brock Berlin 16-31-139 0-1 16-10 VT

Note that only the top passer for each team was listed. The Hokies played two quarterbacks in 2000 and 2003, and Miami played two in 1996 and 1999, but only the quarterback with the best stats was included.

First of all, take a look at how many interceptions Miami quarterbacks have thrown against Virginia Tech through the years, especially the past two years. Brock Berlin threw three interceptions and zero touchdowns in 2003 and 2004, while Marcus Vick and Bryan Randall combined for three touchdowns and zero interceptions in those two years.

Letís take a closer look at Ken Dorsey compared to the other Miami quarterbacks. Dorsey was never that great against Tech from a completion percentage standpoint, but he did throw six touchdown passes and just one interception in his three years as a starter. The rest of the Miami starters since 1995 have combined for five touchdown passes and seven interceptions. And thatís not counting Scott Covingtonís two interceptions coming off the bench in 1996, one of which was returned 100 yards for a touchdown by Keion Carpenter, or the interception Dorsey threw in relief of Kenny Kelly in 1999.

Meanwhile Virginia Techís starting quarterbacks have combined for eight touchdown passes and six interceptions against Miami since 1995. Take out Grant Noelís four interception performance in 2001, and the ratio increases to eight touchdowns and two interceptions.

To take it a step further, Miami starting quarterbacks have only thrown two touchdown passes in the five games played in Lane Stadium since 1995. In that span they have thrown five interceptions. Throw in backup Ken Dorseyís interception in 1999, and thatís six. Not a very good ratio. History doesnít look good for Kyle Wright.

The performance of the quarterbacks will go a long way in determining the outcome of Saturday nightís game. With Marcus Vick currently ranking second in the nation in passing efficiency and Kyle Wright ranking 44th, combined with the home crowd of Lane Stadium, youíve got to like Virginia Techís chances.

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-- Will Stewart Updates From the Past Week
Jarrell Miller Named Army All-American
November 3, 2005
Highland Springs has become only the eighth high school in the country to send at least one player to the Army All-American Bowl in consecutive years. Today, 6-3, 235-pound linebacker Jarrell Miller was officially named as a 2006 Army All-American.

McDaniel Set to Visit VT
November 3, 2005
4-star wide receiver Damon McDaniel, who is having a terrific senior season for Landstown (Virginia Beach, VA), is yet another star player who will be making an official visit to Tech this weekend. Virginia Tech has always been mentioned by McDaniel as a school under consideration, but what was it that finally earned the Hokies an official visit?

Keys to the Game: Miami
November 3, 2005
Itís Miami week. Every year itís big. This year itís bigger. This time, it can be argued that it will be the biggest sporting event the state of Virginia has ever hosted. This is the opportunity for the Hokies to make a statement and force their way onto the national title podium along side USC and Texas. The stakes are huge. This is big time college football on a big time stage and many of us will have the good fortune to be there to witness it.

Miami Visitor - DE Jermaine Cunningham
November 3, 2005
Marcus Ball isnít the only top recruit out of Stephenson High School (Stone Mountain, GA) set to officially visit Virginia Tech this weekend. 6-4, 200-pound 4-star defensive end Jermaine Cunningham is another Stephenson stud who recruiting coach Lorenzo Ward has been able to lure to Virginia Tech.

Game Preview: #3 Virginia Tech vs. #6 Miami
November 2, 2005
Finally, the game everyone has been anticipating is close at hand. On Saturday #3 Virginia Tech will host #6 Miami in a battle that will decide who will represent the Coastal Division in the ACC Championship Game. The Hokies have played some big games in Lane Stadium throughout the years, but they have never had as much riding on one as they will on Saturday night.

A Call to Arms
November 2, 2005
Fans don't have an effect on the game, right? Fans don't prepare, they don't play, they don't make the tackles, they don't run the ball, and they don't throw or catch it. All the noise they make is just that -- noise. That might be true elsewhere, but in Blacksburg, on November 1, 2003, Hokie fans jammed Spring Road for the "The Walk", and the electricity sent the Hokies into orbit, where they mauled #2 Miami 31-7. This Saturday, lightning can strike twice.

Q&A Session: DL Budd Thacker
November 2, 2005
Doug ďBuddĒ Thacker committed to Virginia Tech yesterday, becoming the 11th verbal commitment for the 2006 recruiting class. caught up with the 6-2, 250-pound Seminole (Sanford, FL) star last night to discuss his decision, what position Virginia Tech may be recruiting him to play and more.

A Gym Rat's Notebook: 2005-06 Preview: Frontcourt Adds New Faces
November 1, 2005
After a 2004-05 season that saw a football player moonlighting as a critical off the bench role player down the stretch for a first division ACC team, one of the first priorities of Head coach Seth Greenberg and his assistants was to replenish the front line for this season with additional bodies, and especially size.
more Launches "Free Pass"
November 1, 2005
For the next two weeks or so, will be testing out a new concept that we think youíll like. Itís called FreePass, and itís a way to give non-subscribers a taste of our great TSL Pass content for free, making sure youíre aware of how much outstanding content we produce, and giving more exposure to our sponsors.

Q&A Session: DL Jared Odrick
November 1, 2005
Lebanon (PA) defensive line recruit Jared Odrick had a busy week last week. Lebanonís final home game of the season was postponed from the previous Friday to Monday, October 24th. Virginia head coach Al Groh and assistant Bob Price were in attendance for Lebanonís win. On Thursday, the 6-5, 300-pound 4-star recruit made an unofficial visit for the Virginia Tech/Boston College game and followed that up with an official visit to Penn State. Odrick discussed last weekís experiences and gave an update on his decision-making process.

Advance Auto Parts Hokie Hotline Notes for 10/31/05
November 1, 2005
Monday nightís Hokie Hotline featured athletics director Jim Weaver, offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring and head coach Frank Beamer. Topics of conversation ranged from the BCS, to Techís redzone offense, to the new uniforms that the Hokies wore against Boston College.

Florida Star Commits to Hokies
November 1, 2005
Virginia Tech has landed commitment #11 for the 2006 recruiting class. Doug ďBuddĒ Thacker, a 6-2, 250-pound defensive tackle prospect out of Seminole High School in Sanford, Florida, has chosen Virginia Tech over offers from Maryland, Mississippi State, Wake Forest and West Virginia, among others.

Miami Visitor: DE Josh Minton
November 1, 2005
Pulaski Southwestern (Somerset, KY) defensive end Josh Minton received a surprise last Friday, when two Virginia Tech coaches attended his game. Pulaski Southwestern head coach Dale Anderson said he and Josh were both impressed by the staffís appearance.

Hokies Gain Ground in the BCS
October 31, 2005
After their 30-10 dismantling of Boston College on Thursday night, followed by a Texas victory over Oklahoma State that was closer than most believed it would be, the Hokies have gained on USC and Texas in the BCS. In the latest BCS Standings that were released Monday afternoon, USC has retaken the #1 spot from Texas. The Longhorns dropped to #2, and the Hokies remain at #3.

Photo Gallery: Virginia Tech vs. Boston College
October 31, 2005
In this photo gallery, we bring you 72 shots of last Thursday's action, the first game under Lane Stadium's brand new, ultra-bright lights. First we serve up a beautiful shot of Lane Stadium's new west facade, and then we bring you all the game action, from Marcus Vick's passing accuracy to John Kinzer's highlight-film leap over BC's baffled Taji Morris (your jock is on the 40 yard line, Taji, still waiting for you to come get it).

VT Still in it with 4-Star Patterson?
October 31, 2005
Two schools seem to be in good shape to land official visits from 6-2, 260-pound Richland Northeast (Columbia, SC) defensive lineman Adam Patterson. Patterson, a 4-star recruit who is one of the top defensive tackle prospects in the country, continues to be heavily recruited by Virginia Tech, which landed top defensive line recruit Hivera Green out of South Carolina in last yearís class.

Boston College Game Analysis: Hokies Thrash Eagles
October 31, 2005
It's hard to imagine a more complete whipping than the Hokies laid on the Boston College Eagles last Thursday, but despite dominating the statistics, the final score was just 30-10, aided by a late defensive TD. That brought some complaints, particularly against the playcalling in the red zone, where the Hokies were perceived as struggling. We'll take a look at both things -- how the Hokies dominated the Eagles and what happened in the red zone -- in this game analysis.

Observations From the JV Game
October 28, 2005
If you didnít catch the Virginia Tech JV game on Friday afternoon, and you probably didnít, then you missed one of the best endings that youíll ever see. Jud Dunlevyís 51 yard field goal propelled the Hokies to a victory over Hargrave Military Academy, but the result of the game was only part of the fun. JV games give observers a chance to watch young Hokies who are still developing, but who could become impact players in the future. The game also features many prep players that Tech is recruiting, or has recruited in the past. Read on for reports on Kent Hicks, Jeremy Gilchrist, Vidal Hazelton, Melvin Aleaze and more.

JV Football Defeats Hargrave 17-16
October 28, 2005
Blacksburg, VA -- Jud Dunlevyís 51 yard field goal as time expired propelled the Virginia Tech JV football team to a come from behind 17-16 victory over Hargrave Military Academy on Friday afternoon.
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