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"Orange Effect" for the Texas A&M Game
by Will Stewart,

Next Thursday's game is being promoted as "Orange Effect 2003," which means that it's time to cart out any orange Hokie gear you've got, and wear it to next Thursday's Texas A&M game.

The thousands of Hokie fans who wore orange to last year's game at Texas A&M were very visible on television, and the idea this year is to once again really stand out. If a large number of Hokie fans wear orange, it will be very noticeable on TV.

If you look around the stands on any given Saturday, particularly the hot early-season games, no particular color stands out. A lot of Hokies wear maroon, but a lot also wear white, with a few wearing orange, and it creates a non-homogenous mish-mash of color that doesn't really stand out.

I'm more of a maroon guy, but I'll play along with the Orange Effect. If you're like me, you don't have an orange coat or pullover, and it might get a little chilly the night of September 18th (night temperatures have been in the 50's in the New River Valley lately). But I do have an orange T-shirt, and I figure I'll wear it over top of a white long-sleeve T-shirt (2000 Gator Bowl T-shirt, to be exact) for warmth.

The Orange Effect is very popular among the students, as it is promoted heavily by the SGA (Student Government Association). If memory serves correctly, last year's Rutgers game was the Orange Effect 2002 game, and the student sections were filled with orange.

We are working on an orange T-shirt design and will send out a special TSLMail mailing as soon as it's prepared. We should be able to get them out in time for the game, so look for a special TSLMail by Monday at the latest.

In other fashion news, the football team will be wearing all-maroon for the first time since the 1998 UVa game (a forgettable affair). Yours truly hopes that they DON'T wear the throwback jerseys with the maroon pants, because that's not a combination I dig. (I'm not a fan of the throwback jerseys.)

It's unknown at this point if A&M will wear maroon pants with their white road jerseys, or if they'll go all-white. If they go with the all-white Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man look, then those all-white unis locking horns with VT's all-maroon unis, with both teams sporting maroon helmets, might just mean the end of civilization as we know it. But at least it'll be easy to tell the two teams apart.

B-2 Flyover Scheduled for A&M Game

In other A&M game news, a B-2 Stealth bomber will fly over the stadium prior to the game, the second such flyover in the last two seasons. Last year's Temple game featured a B-2 flyover, and if you missed it, man, you missed one of the creepiest things I've ever seen.

I've always been amazed that those awkward-looking wedges actually fly, but what I was totally unprepared for was how quiet they are. They're massive, of course, but they come from the horizon in total silence, and even when directly overhead, they generate no more noise than a small airplane. It's eerie to have one of those things fly over you, and all I can think is, if you're one of America's enemies, then be afraid ... be very afraid.

Here's the press release on the flyover:

The Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets is proud to announce that, barring weather or operational factors, the 509th Bomb Wing from Whiteman AFB, Missouri will conduct a military aircraft flyover during the National Anthem prior to the Virginia Tech vs Texas A&M game. The B-2 Spirit, also known as the Stealth Bomber, is the world’s premier strike aircraft. Only 21 exist in the Air Force inventory, and this is the second visit to Lane Stadium by this technological marvel.

The B-2 will fly over Lane Stadium in conjunction with the 2003 Senior Military College Conference which is being hosted by the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets. Cadets and staff from VMI, the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership, Texas A&M, the Citadel, Norwich University, and North Georgia University will join the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets on the field during the pre-game march-on.

The aircraft will be flown by Lieutenant Colonel Bruce Adams, VTCC Class of ’82. LTC Adams is the Staff Director of the 509th Bomb Wing.

The flyover should occur at roughly 7:30, so be alert. Like I said, this thing can sneak up on you.

This Week in Recruiting

by Chris Horne

Jerod Mayo remains open, but said he will definitely take an official visit to both Virginia Tech and Virginia. He recently received an offer from Tennessee, who looks to be a strong contender for him as well. Kecoughtan will need a top performance from Mayo this week, as they hope to defeat defending state champ Phoebus.

Butler (NC) safety Jamar Adams returned from an official visit to Michigan without giving a verbal commitment. Adams, who is one of the top safety prospects on the East coast, is considering which other schools he will visit. Virginia Tech is still in the mix.

Virginia Tech is taking a look at two Landstown (Virginia Beach, VA) players – QB TJ Mitchell and WR Jeremy Gilchrist. Neither have an offer from the Hokies. Mitchell and Gilchrist are lighting teams up so far this season, leading Landstown to blowout victories in the first two games. Mitchell may attend prep school following his senior year.

A new name on the Virginia Tech radar is Northern Durham HS linebacker Chase Bullock. Bullock, who has received offers from Virginia, Wake Forest, Maryland, Duke, and Marshall, lists UVA and Wake as his leaders. Virginia Tech has called but has not extended an offer.

Two top targets for the Hokies attend Hargrave Military Academy – WR Justin Harper and DB Meko Watson. Tech will likely be among the finalists for both players. Harper is a 6-4, 200 pound wide receiver while Watson is a 5-11, 185 pound hard-hitting defensive back.

Basketball Recruiting News

Nansemond River point guard Marquie Cooke will take an official visit to Virginia Tech for next week’s football game versus Texas A&M. Cooke, who is 6-3, 175 pounds, would be a huge get for Seth Greenberg and company, as he is one of the top point guard prospects in the country.

Coach Greenberg paid a visit to Hargrave Military Academy to take a look at 6-7˝, 215-pound power forward Emanuel Willis. Willis is an excellent athlete with good low-post moves. He has no favorites at this point.

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-- Will Stewart Updates From the Past Week

Beerman's Picks
by Ben Shapiro, 9/11/03, 10:15 pm
Oh, what confusing days we've got in Blacksburg.  A pass happy offense may be supporting a suspect defense.  You know what this means right?  Yup.  More crowd noise needed!
in Voice of the Fan

Heroes and Goats
by Matt McKinley, 9/11/03, 4:00 pm
I…hate…off … weeks. (Have I ever mentioned that before?) It’s finally college football season, and there are games on, and NONE OF THEM ARE THE HOKIES! ARRRRRRRGH! It’s enough to drive me CRAZY! Whoops, too late.
in Voice of the Fan

Small Pleasures: JMU
by Kevin Cuddihy, 9/11/03, 1:20 pm
The thinking behind this column is that while everyone can appreciate the big plays -- the long touchdown run by Bryan Randall after escaping a sack, DeAngelo Hall’s first career TD on offense -- some of the greatest enjoyment can be from watching a minor point that not everyone else may notice.
in Voice of the Fan

Wide Right: The Grass is Always Greener
by Jeff Cockey, 9/10/03, 11:00 pm
Do you think that when Michael Jordan switched from basketball to baseball he regretted it? Do you think that he was embarrassed when he discovered that his unbelievable athleticism could not span the gap to MLB? Could it be that Emmitt Smith will regret his move from the Cowboys to the Cardinals for what will probably be his last hoorah on the grid iron?
in Voice of the Fan

JMU 2003 Game Analysis
by Will Stewart,, 9/10/03, 11:30 am
All right, I'll fess up: I sat here for a couple days, letting this game percolate, waiting for inspiration to strike, and it never did. That doesn't mean we can't have some fun with this game analysis, but don't expect any earth-shattering revelations.
in TSL Pass

Hokie Hotline Notes
by Wayne Clevenger, 9/9/03, 11:40 am
The opening segment began with Bill Roth announcing that UConn returned roughly 500 tickets to VT and that some single game tickets are still available for Boston College (home, Nov. 22nd) and Temple (away, Nov. 15th).
in Hokie Hotline Notes

A Needed Off-Week
by Jim Alderson, 9/9/03, 10:10 am
Tech is two games into the 2003 season, and we haven’t learned a lot as of yet about the nature of this team. We were already aware that we can put up a bunch of points against overmatched opposition, so the 92 scored comes as no huge surprise. The jury is still out on this Tech team, and the game against Texas A&M will go a long way towards determining whether this edition of Hokie football is the real thing, or as over hyped as the last two teams have been.
in TSL Pass

Watching the Ticker
by Will Stewart,, 9/8/03, 10:00 am
As you sit and wait for my scintillating breakdown of the pivotal Tech/JMU game, here are my thoughts as I watched ESPN's ticker this past Saturday.
in TSL Pass

#9 Virginia Tech 43, James Madison 0
by Will Stewart,, 9/7/03, 12:30 am
Blacksburg, VA - Subbing for Kevin Jones, Tech tailback Cedric Humes scored the first three TDs of his college career, leading the Hokies to an easy 43-0 win over outmanned James Madison.
in Football

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