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   Tech Sports News

Quotes from the Seth Greenberg Press Conference
by Will Stewart,

Seth Greenberg was announced as the new VT men's basketball coach at a press conference Thursday afternoon, and the members of the media who were present all agree on one thing: Greenberg knows how to work a room. He was chatty, he was self-deprecating, and he was humorous.

Here are some of the quotes from the press conference, both from Tech AD Jim Weaver and Greenberg. To read a transcript of Weaver's opening comments and Greenberg's comments, which together took about half an hour, check out the TSL Pass feature:

Transcript of Seth Greenberg's Press Conference
by Will Stewart,, 4/4/03, 3:40 pm

Jim Weaver's Segment

"He has competed at the highest level, and I thought that was important for Virginia Tech. He knows what it takes to win at the highest level, and I thought that was important for Virginia Tech."

"I believe we have a program coach, a person who knows how to do it at the highest levels, and it gives me great confidence in the future, and it gives me a great deal of pride to introduce to you our new head men's basketball coach."

Seth Greenberg's Segment

"First of all, I just want to say that I'm really excited to be here. When I look at Virginia Tech, I look at a school that is committed to academics, I look at a magnificent campus, I look at a school that has a vehicle in the Big East to propel this program to a national level."

"To me it's important to build a program on people, build it on relationships, and build it on trust. You build a basketball program with winning people, winning players, and toughness. We're going to put great demands on our players, great demands on them academically, great demands on them athletically. I think that's the only way you can be successful."

"And Iím going to need help. I'm going to enlist Coach Beamer, because let's face it, he's won at the very highest levels. Football is a huge, huge asset to this basketball program. They're as good as anyone in the country. There's a reason why, and we have to find it. We've got to find out how they're doing it, and we've got to emulate it. I'm going to utilize our women's basketball program. They're winning at a very high level. There's a reason for it."

"I don't want to put a timetable on it, like, we're going here in two years and there in four years. Our goal is real simple: we're going to be playing hard for 40 minutes a night. When people are finished playing against Virginia Tech, they're going to say, 'Man, those guys are hard to play against. They play every play, they don't take a play off, they make the first hit.'"

"I'm not a quick-fix guy. That's not who I am. It's a process. But as you go through the process, you better make sure, and these guys will make sure that they're going to play every play, and they're going to establish an identity of what our program is all about. They'll be the foundation for something that I think is very special."

"I wouldn't be standing here in front of you today if I didn't expect to win. Now when? We expect to win. How? Doing it with good people and good players. I think that Virginia Tech is a special place."

I visited with Coach Beamer just a short while today, and if you look at the Big East, you've got Boston and D.C. and Pittsburgh, you've got all these great urban areas, it's great, that's great for us, because we can use those in recruiting. But we've also got a place that's different. We're not Boston, we're not Pittsburgh, we're not New York, but we get to go those places. And I think that's a huge attraction for Virginia Tech.

"When I coached at Pitt, we played here, a long while ago. Quite honestly, all I remember is the Marriott -- now it's the Sheraton. And I remember the Hokie stone, because how can you not remember the Hokie stone?"

"What you guys don't understand, in the course of the process, Jim's priority was looking for a guy that has less hair than him. That was a big priority."

"Some guys want to be doctors, some guys want to be lawyers, little kids want to be firemen and policemen. I'm pretty simple. I've got two things important to me: my family and coaching. And my team. There's not a lot to it. This is who I am. I love to coach. I love to talk to coaches, I love to be around coaches. I like to sit in my study and watch film until ridiculous hours of the morning. That's who I am."

[About the players] "If you're passionate about the game and you're really committed to getting better, if you want to get a degree, if you want to change where you are, then we'll have a great time. Because I love being in the gym. I'm a guy that likes to get in the gym and sweat, and do individual workouts. I've been known to take a charge and dive on a loose ball in practice every once in a while. I think you need to bring passion and energy into what you're doing, or you shouldnít be doing it."

"I can tell you one thing: we will bring an unbelievable passion, and work ethic, and intensity to what we do. That's who I am. I wear my emotions on my sleeve. That's who I am."

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-- Will Stewart Updates From the Past Week

Transcript of Seth Greenberg's Press Conference
by Will Stewart,, 4/4/03, 3:40 pm
Virginia Tech held a press conference yesterday to announce Seth Greenberg's hiring and to introduce him to the local media. Here is a transcript of the press conference, which lasted over half an hour.
in TSL Pass

Hokies Hire South Florida's Seth Greenberg
by Will Stewart,, 4/3/03, 4:00 pm
In a Thursday afternoon press conference, Virginia Tech Athletic Director Jim Weaver introduced South Florida head coach Seth Greenberg as the new head men's basketball coach at Virginia Tech.
in News and Notes

A Curious Hire
by Will Stewart,, 4/3/03, 4:00 pm
Virginia Tech Athletic Director Jim Weaver announced Thursday that South Florida head coach Seth Greenberg will be Virginia Tech's men's basketball coach, and among the Hokie faithful, the news was met with something less than unanimous enthusiasm.
in TSL Pass

Inside the Numbers: VT Men's Basketball, From Red to Black
by Will Stewart,, 4/1/03, 2:25 pm
There's a lot of talk about how VT men's basketball is a money-loser, and the question of how much dough the Hokies should spend on a coach -- and what it will take to get the program profitable again -- is something that requires a little examination.
in TSL Pass

Watching Teams and Columns Advance
by Jim Alderson, 4/1/03, 10:00 am
How are your brackets doing? Did everybody have Marquette and Syracuse in their Final Four? I didnít, or Kansas, for that matter. My strategy of selecting all four of the Number One seeds for the Final Four achieved very limited results, and prospects are dim for my final of Kentucky and Oklahoma.
in TSL Pass

DT Jimmy Williams Suspended
by Will Stewart,, 4/1/03, 12:45 am
Virginia Tech announced Monday that rising senior defensive tackle Jimmy Williams has been suspended indefinitely from the team for a violation of team policies.
in News and Notes

QBs Shine in Scrimmage
by Will Stewart,, 3/30/03, 11:25 pm
The Hokie football team scrimmaged Saturday, and QB's Bryan Randall and Marcus Vick combined to go 15-of-19 for 192 yards and a touchdown. The highlight of the scrimmage was a beautifully-thrown 50 yard touchdown pass from Vick to wide receiver Chris Shreve.
in Football

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