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   Tech Sports News

Interview With Tripp Carroll

Offensive line stud Tripp Carroll is on track to achieve his goal of enrolling at Virginia Tech in January. The fast-talking Carroll, a veritable human quote machine, has some interesting things to say about what he expects when he gets to Tech. We tracked down Carroll at his home last night and asked him about that, plus how his last high school season went.

"If everything goes well here at my school," Carroll said, "I should be done in December, and then I can join the team in January. December 18th is my last day [of high school]. I'll arrive at Tech January 10th, move into the dorm, have orientation on January 12th, and classes start on January 13th."

Carroll will be on scholarship the minute he arrives at Virginia Tech, and his scholarship still count against the 2003 recruiting class. There was some speculation that he might be able to practice with the team during Tech's bowl game practices, but Carroll is going to play in a high school all-star game instead.

"I'll be in San Antonio at the U.S. Army All-American game. January 5th is the game, and I'll be there between December 30th and January 5th. I was invited to play in the Florida-California All-Star game as well, but that's not going to work out, time-wise."

To say that he's looking forward to his time at Tech is an understatement. "I'm ready to get my rear-end handed to me," he says frankly. "I'm looking forward to going somewhere where I'm not the best, where I can get the teaching that I've not had in high school. In high school, when you're older and one of the best players, they kind of overlook you and work with the younger kids, and expect you to teach them.

"I'm ready for it. The only way to get better is to work hard."

Carroll's love for Virginia Tech, its coaching staff, and its people is well-documented, and there's one person in particular that he likes at VT. Totally unprompted, Carroll says, "Somewhere in [this interview], you've got to bring up my idol, my future teammate, Jake Grove [whom Carroll first met at the 2002 Spring Game]. He's the man. I'm maybe going to live with him next year. Not first semester, because I have to live on campus for a semester, but he has offered to have me come live with him next year. We've become really good friends in a short period of time. He's a really nice guy."

With his early arrival at Virginia Tech, and the chance to go through spring practice with the Hokies, we asked Carroll if the Tech coaching staff had discussed his opportunity for playing time as a true freshman in 2003. "They don't promise anything, and it's all about how hard you work," he answers. "But the one thing they've said is that by coming in early, it probably triples my chances of playing early."

Tripp also told us what he thinks are the keys to a successful Tech career, and what it was like playing high school football in the state of Florida. And you may be surprised to find out that he only played one game on the offensive line this year. What position did he play in the other nine games? To find out all that and more, check out our TSL Extra exclusive article, "I'm Ready to Get My Rear-End Handed to Me."

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These are Not Last Year's 'Eers

Last season, the Hokies pasted next week's opponent, the West Virginia Mountaineers, by the score of 35-0 in Morgantown. WVU was floundering their way through a 3-8 season in their first year under new head coach Rich Rodriguez.

The 'Eers struggled while adjusting to the new offensive and defensive schemes put in by Rodriguez and his staff, and their only wins were over softies Ohio, Kent State, and Rutgers. Miami, Boston College, and the Hokies creamed WVU by a combined score of 114-13.

Things weren't much different early this year for the Mountaineers, who started off 3-2 with victories over Chattanooga (56-7), Cincinnati (35-32), and ECU (37-13). The losses came to Wisconsin (34-17) and Maryland (48-17). There was nothing to indicate that the Mountaineers were going to do much better than five wins or so.

Since then, WVU has ripped off a 4-1 run, with the only loss coming to Miami, 40-23, in a game that was tied at 23 in the third quarter. WVU has knocked off Rutgers (40-0), Syracuse (34-7), Temple (46-20), and Boston College (24-14) in the run that has propelled them to 7-1 (4-1 Big East) and third place in the conference, just ahead of the Hokies.

WVU is doing it with the running game. They're second in the nation in rushing offense at 295 yards per game, and Avon Cobourne, the Big East career leader in rushing with 4,739 yards, is third in the country this season with 140.9 yards per game.

The Mountaineers, however, are 110th in the nation in passing offense at 126.6 yards per game.

On defense, WVU is 11th in the country in rush defense, giving up just 95 yards per game. They're 20th in total defense at 311 yards per game.

The biggest reason for the WVU turnaround, in addition to their impressive rush offense and rush defense statistics, is their # 3-in-the-country ranking in turnover margin at +1.6 per game (28 takeaways, just 12 giveaways).

Prior to the season, this game was pictured as a cakewalk for the Hokies, a guaranteed win. Now, with Tech reeling and WVU coming on strong, it looks like a dogfight.

The game is Wednesday, November 20th at 7 p.m., and it will be televised on ESPN2. Jeff Ouellet will bring us a preview early next week.

-- Will Stewart Updates From the Past Week

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