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Welcome Back to TSLMail

As you have no doubt noticed, this is the first "weekly" TSLMail since October 18th. That's because we've been having server problems that prohibited its release. Fortunately, we're back for another run.  We've got new sponsors to announce, plus some thoughts on the importance of this weekend's game and some news about Hokie football TV revenue.

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Trying to Avoid the Fade

In 1995 and 1996, the Hokie football team established a trend of finishing strong. The 1995 Sugar Bowl champs won their last ten games, and the 1996 Hokies defeated three straight ranked teams to close out the regular season (Miami, WVU, and Virginia).

The 1999 and 2000 Hokies were strong finishers, too. The 1999 Sugar Bowl team went undefeated in the regular season, and the 2000 Hokies suffered only a late-season loss to Miami before waxing Clemson in the Gator Bowl and finishing #6 in the nation.

But the Hokies have had their stinkers, too, finishing poorly in 1994, 1997, 1998, and 2001.

Season Start Finish Overall
1994 7-1 1-3 8-4
1997 7-2 0-3 7-5
1998 7-1 2-2 9-3
2001 6-0 2-4 8-4
Combined 27-4 5-12 32-16

After starting out 8-0, the 2002 edition of the Hokies face the same fork in the road: finish strong or finish weak?

In addition to recent on-field struggles, fate seems to be conspiring against these Hokies. Injuries have started to pile up, with TB Kevin Jones (hamstring), CB DeAngelo Hall (back), and LB Vegas Robinson (ankle) all being scratched for the Syracuse game. Each injury is key, especially the ones to Hall and Robinson.

And this week, there was the news that rover Michael Crawford likely has lymphoma. He'll play against Syracuse and then will miss the rest of the season.

The Syracuse game is truly a pivotal game for this young Tech team, which ran on emotion early in the year and has now suffered the types of injuries it could ill afford. It's gut-check time for the Hokies, not just at Syracuse this Saturday (3:30, ESPN), but against WVU, Virginia, and Miami.

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TSL Extra Update

TSL Extra subscribers, be sure to check out the TSL Extra update on the home page. You can also get to it by scrolling down to the bottom of this email. There is important information in it about the TSLX.

Hokies Raking in Record TV Money

In a recent issue of hokiesports the newspaper, Jimmy Robertson gave out the dollar amounts that Hokie football receives for the various TV appearances they're making this season:

  • $250,000 apiece for two ABC games against LSU and Miami

  • $225,000 apiece for two Thursday night games (Marshall and BC) and one Wednesday night game (WVU) on ESPN.

  • $150,000 for the road game at Texas A&M

  • $200,000 for Saturday ESPN/ESPN2 games (Pittsburgh, Syracuse)

  • $25,000 for ESPN+ Big East Games of the Week (none so far)

  • $0 for ESPN+ non-conference games (assumed; not explicitly stated by Robertson in his article)

That means that the Hokies are already guaranteed $1,725,000 in TV money for this season, with the Virginia game broadcast status still TBD.

That $1.725 million figure trumps the record $1.450 million that the Hokies raked in during the 2000 season, when every game was on TV (thank you, Michael Vick).

For more detailed info, including a game-by-game breakdown and revenue figures for 1999-2002, see's TV Football Revenue page, which is linked in the left-hand border of the TSL Football page.

-- Will Stewart Updates From the Past Week

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