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Catching Up on Football News

by Will Stewart

With the Hokies' 47-21 thrashing of Marshall now out of the way, be sure to catch all the game recaps and articles, including's game recap and the VT Hokie News update containing links to all the game-related articles. We'll have our game analysis posted Monday.

In other football news that may have escaped your notice this week:

A&M game time official: Next Saturday's VT/Texas A&M matchup will be a 3:30 regional broadcast by ABC. The game will be broadcast at the same time as Notre Dame-Michigan State, BYU-Georgia Tech, and Colorado-UCLA. For ABC's complete listings, click here.

We also hear from a good source that VT's road game at Western Michigan on September 28th will be shown on ESPN+, but we'll wait for the official update from the Virginia Tech Athletic Department before making the update to our site. The game is scheduled for a noon kickoff, to accommodate and ESPN+ broadcast.

Big Jimmy to finally join the team? A frequent question around the TSL message boards these days is when highly-regarded defensive tackle recruit Jimmy Williams from Pasadena (CA) City College is going to join the team. Williams, who has been at Virginia Tech for weeks, completed his Pasadena CC course work via the Internet after arriving in Blacksburg and has been waiting -- forever, it seems -- to be cleared to play.

The latest news is that Williams will begin practicing with the team "some time this (coming) week," according to an article in today's Roanoke Times. reported last week that Williams would begin practicing with the team on Monday the 16th, "barring anything unforeseen."

Williams has three years to play two, so a redshirt is not out of the question, although the VT coaches aren't talking about it. He has been doing conditioning work, and the coaches are satisfied with his efforts, but he has not, per NCAA rules, been allowed to participate in practices with the team. So, he's "in shape," but he's not in "football shape."

In any event, he should start practicing with the team and help shore up the suprisingly-strong defensive tackle position soon. Williams was named one of the Top 100 available JUCO (junior college) players by SuperPrep last year.

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Recruiting Update: Fontel Mines
by Chris Horne

The Hokies are looking to add a few top notch wide receivers to this year’s recruiting class. Included in the list is emerging prospect Fontel Mines from Hermitage High School in Richmond, VA. Early on in the recruiting race, the 6-4, 190 pound receiver seems to be concentrating on the two state schools. So has he narrowed the list to UVA and VT?

"Probably, yeah," said Mines. "Things could change depending on if I get more offers, though."

He has stated to other recruiting services in the past that Virginia has a slight lead over the Hokies, but when we asked him if he had a leader between the two, he said, "Nah, no leader."

Mines has visited both Virginia and Virginia Tech, although he has not yet been to a game in Blacksburg. While he was unable to make last week’s LSU-VT contest (with over 50 recruits rumored to attend), Mines has been impressed with the Hokies up until this point.

"They (VT) are a good team, no question," said Mines. "They have good quarterbacks. Plus they have plenty of people they have sent to the NFL."

Mines will probably decide once he takes all of his official visits. Currently, he has no official visits set up, however he is eyeing one date certain to get Hokie fans -- and Hoo fans -- excited.

"I might visit Virginia Tech on November 30 for the Virginia game," said Mines.

The Hermitage star has received offers thus far from Virginia Tech, Virginia, Wake Forest, and Richmond. He has received further interest from many other schools this month, including Tennessee and Maryland, to name a few. Look for a classic in-state battle between the Hokies and Cavs for this receiver prospect. Updates From the Past Week

Virginia Tech 47, Marshall 21
by Will Stewart,, 9/13/02
Blacksburg, VA - It was billed as the Virginia Tech running game against the Marshall passing game, and the Hokies ground out an easy victory in this one, taking a 33-0 lead and coasting to a 47-21 win in front of 65,049 fans in Blacksburg.
in Football

Around the Big East
by Matthew McKinley, 9/12/02
As the anniversary of the September 11th comes and goes, talk around TSL slowly gravitates away from football. But not here. We here at AtBE know what you need, and have your football fix. So sit back, relax, and we’ll tell you what’s goin’ down on the gridiron this weekend.
in Voice of the Fan

Beerman's Picks
by Ben Shapiro, 9/11/02
Last Week: Miami would have beaten the Cowboys. Badly. WVU looked bad, aTm won a stare down with UPitt, BC escaped with a win against Stanford, and the less said about Rutgers the better. This Week: Talk about some quality games!
in Voice of the Fan

Marshall Preview
by Will Stewart,, 9/10/02
Blacksburg, VA -- Eleven days after one of the biggest out of conference games in the history of their program, the Hokies get to lock horns with another ranked team, in the spotlight that is Thursday night college football on ESPN.
in Football

Hokie Hotline Notes
by Joel Kelly, 9/9/02
Hokie football fans everywhere know their beloved football team is entering the heart of its "season within a season." The Hokie Hotline was on the air this evening as the football team makes preparations for the visiting Marshall Thundering Herd on Thursday.
in Hotline Notes

The Big East Against the World
by Bill Glose, 9/9/02
The Big Least. The Big Easy. The Cream Puff Society. Get used to those names, and many more. This past weekend, the Big East faced off with the other BCS players and came up lacking.
in TSL Columnists

Are You a Real Hokie Fan?
by Bill Glose, 9/6/02
With VT’s recent rise into the top ten, the Hokies are now ready to greet a host of new bandwagon converts. After the experience of 1999, when the entire nation wanted to ride the Hokie express, VT created an exam to test if you truly are a Hokie fan, or just wearing the orange and maroon to look cool and pick up chicks. Be warned, this test isn’t for the weak.
in TSL Columnists

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