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VT Seal Sweatshirt - $29.95
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   SW Virginia (Including Blacksburg) Properties Auction

Woltz and Associates, Inc. Brokers and Auctioneers in Roanoke, Virginia, invite you to take part in an August 28th auction of 20 investment and commercial properties throughout the Roanoke and New River Valleys.

Apartment buildings, townhouses, rental homes, land, and commercial storefronts are all available in this auction. Properties range from a two-story frame house in Blacksburg to a 121-acre parcel of land in Pulaski County to the famous Lyric Theater across the street from Virginia Tech's campus.

Whether you're a real estate investor, a developer, or just a former Hokie who's interested in owning a piece of your past for investment purposes, this auction will have something you'll be interested in.

Not sure if you want to take the leap? Woltz and Associates will have three preview dates on August 16 and 21 so you can learn more about these great properties. The auction will be held on August 28, 2002, at 4:00 p.m. at the Donaldson Brown Center on VT's campus, and that's also the location where you can preview the properties on the dates listed.

And if you can't make it to Blacksburg for the auction, you can enter your bids on-line at Woltz and Associates' web site.

Woltz and Associates, Inc. is one of the largest and fastest growing brokerage and auction companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. They have annual sales of tens of millions of dollars of property and land per year.

To see a preview of the 20 properties up for bid, and to learn more about Woltz and Associates, Inc. and their on-line bidding process, see their web site.

See you at the auction!

   Tech Sports News

Hokie fans: Thanks for the great support of Foster and Associates!

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For more information on their legal areas of concentration, as well as contact information and an online contact form, see Foster & Associates' TSL sponsorship page. Be sure to let them know that you saw their sponsorship on TSL, and as always, keep an eye on our ever-growing list of sponsors on our TSL Sponsors Page.

Future Football Schedules Taking Shape: The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported this morning that Virginia Tech's 2004 BCA game with East Carolina, which was tentative, has been firmed up and will be played.

The Hokies needed a waiver from the NCAA to play that game, because it is a preseason game, and teams aren't allowed to play more than one preseason game in four years, starting from 2002 onward. With Virginia Tech's participation in this year's Hispanic Fund Classic, that would mean two such games in three years.

But the Hokies were apparently able to get the NCAA to treat the 2004 BCA game as a makeup for the missed BCA game in 2000 against Georgia Tech. Since the one-preseason-game-in-four-years rule did not take effect until this season, the 2000 game does not fall under that rule.

Clear as mud? The bottom line is, Tech AD Jim Weaver told RT-D reporter Mike Harris, "We've been cleared" to play the 2004 game.

In additional scheduling news reported by the RT-D, Tech will play William and Mary at home in 2007 as part of their "one Division 1-AA game every four years" policy. Tech will also play Ohio in 2005 (home), 2006 (away), and 2007 (home). The Ohio information was already part of the Future Football Schedules Page, which has been updated to reflect the news about William and Mary and the 2004 ECU game.

FWAA Announces Nagurski and Outland Watch Lists

The Football Writers Association of America has announced their watch lists for the 2002 Outland and Bronko Nagurski trophies. The FWAA awards both trophies at the end of the season, with the Outland going to the top interior lineman in college football, and the Nagurski going to the top defensive player in college football.

Both trophies have been won in the past by Hokies. The Outland has been in existence since 1946, and Tech defensive lineman Bruce Smith won it in 1984. The Nagurski is a relatively new trophy that has been around since 1995 and was won by Tech defensive end Corey Moore in 1999 (along with the Lombardi Trophy).

The FWAA's 63-player watch list for the Outland does not include any Hokies, but it does include no less than 16 players the Hokies will play against this fall, including players from Western Michigan, Marshall, Arkansas State, and Temple (along with a smattering of Miami and Boston College linemen and other Big East opponents). For the complete Outland watch list, click here.

The 64-player watch list for the Nagurski trophy includes one Hokie, cornerback Ronyell Whitaker. The list includes ten players the Hokies will face off against this year. For the complete Nagurski watch list, click here.

Texas Alumni Chapters Offering Commemorative TAMU/VT T-Shirt

VT/Texas A&M
T-shirt Offered
by the Texas VTAA

Back Design
(covers full back)
(click to enlarge)

Front Design
(left crest)
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The three Texas chapters of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association have combined to offer a special commemorative T-shirt for this year's Virginia Tech-Texas A&M game. If you're going to the game, the Texas VTAA chapters want you to wear this shirt, pictured to the right.

The idea is simple: Texas A&M's dominant color is maroon, just like Virginia Tech, and the Texas VTAA feels, rightly so, that wearing an orange VT T-shirt, instead of maroon VT gear, will make the Hokie fans in the crowd stand out.

The Texas VTAA (consisting of the Austin/San Antonio, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Houston chapters) would like to sell a bunch of these T-shirts and create a "sea of orange" in the Virginia Tech fan section.

Proceeds from the sales of the T-shirt will go into the Texas VTAA scholarship fund and serve as scholarship monies to be awarded to high school students from the state of Texas who have chosen to attend Virginia Tech.

The shirts can be ordered in Youth and Adult sizes, and they cost anywhere from $10 (for Youth sizes) to $15 (for Adult S, M, L, and XL) to $17 (for Adult XXL and 3XL).

Arkansas State Game Time Set

Game time for the Hispanic College Fund Classic game against Arkansas State on August 25th has been set at 2:30, not the 2:00 previously listed by Virginia Tech released the game time and the list of TV stations and sports networks that will carry the game, which is being produced by ESPN+.

The list of stations includes three stations in Virginia (WSKY in Norfolk, WRIC in  Richmond, and WJPR in Roanoke) and WJLA in Washington D.C. There are about 12 other stations in other states that will carry the game, and it will also be broadcast over three cable sports networks that cover approximately 6.8 million homes.

For a complete list of stations and networks carrying the game, click here.

Will Stewart
General Manager and Managing Editor Updates From the Past Week

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Season Ticket FAQ - Satire, by Brendan Sherry (PitHokie), 8/6/02
Football season tickets are usually mailed in late July or early August. If you frequent the TSL Football message board, it is not necessary to flood the board with a message every single day from July 1 on asking about when tickets will be sent.

South End Zone Construction Pictures - by Will Stewart, 8/5/02
A gallery of 35 photos, some of which border on sheer art, shows the progress of interior and exterior construction.

Jim Alderson's Politically Incorrect Big East Preview - by Jim Alderson, 8/2/02
Operating under the assumption that my guess is as good as anybody’s, I hereby present my 2002 Big East predictions, which are guaranteed to be correct unless they are not.

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