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   Tech Sports News

Recruiting News: Barry Booker of Amherst ... Did He or Didn't He?

The TSL Recruiting message board has been buzzing with rumors of a Barry Booker commitment since yesterday. Booker, a 6-5, 255-pound defensive end from Amherst who reportedly runs a 4.8 forty, is ranked as the #9 junior in the state by the Roanoke Times (Dec. 2001) and as the #12 rising senior in the state by TSL (May 2002).

In the last 24 hours, though, no one in the media has been able to contact Booker or his coach, Scott Abell, who is on vacation, so no confirmation has been received. Both Hokie Haven of the network and AC Preps reported Booker's commitment, but both sites did so without quotes from Booker or Abell.

So the question remains ... did he or didn't he? Or, as another alternative, did he, and the news is to be kept quiet?  Time will tell.

Booker was listed as a fullback/linebacker last year, when he stood 6-3 and weighed 240. Since then, he has put on 2 inches and 15 pounds, and Abell, in his first year as Amherst coach, will play Booker at defensive end this coming season. At his size, he projects as a defensive end in college, or perhaps even a defensive tackle.

Stay tuned to the TSL Recruiting message board to see if the news breaks. If the commitment is verified, we will send out a TSLMail Breaking News update.

Hokies Near the Top in Big East Football Revenue

The Chronicle of Higher Education has released its annual gender equity survey findings, and the data they collected show that Virginia Tech ranks near the top of the Big East in football revenue and football profits.

The data are from the 2000-2001 season, so the numbers are a year old. The Chronicle's study is geared to show participation in and spending on men's and women's sports at U.S. colleges and universities. They are drawn from reports that colleges and universities that receive federal funds are required to file under the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act.

While the purpose of the data is to measure a university's level of compliance with Title IX, the 1972 law that mandated overall equity of treatment and opportunity in college athletics for men and women, an examination of the revenue and expense figures contained in the data can lead to interesting analysis on many levels.

Taking a look at the football revenue and expense data for the eight schools that play football in the Big East paints a picture of the financial health -- or lack thereof -- of each school. We find that the Hokies are doing pretty well when compared to their Big East counterparts.

Big East Football Revenue and Expenses, 2000-2001
(sorted by revenue)
School Revenue Expenses Profit/Loss


$17,146,190 $12,620,227 $4,525,963


$14,642,071 $6,197,207 $8,444,864


$14,611,618 $9,736,960 $4,874,658


$14,537,704 $12,753,731 $1,783,973


$12,291,380 $8,058,051 $4,233,329


$10,829,586 $9,332,254 $1,497,332


$5,023,101 $6,527,606 $(1,504,505)


$3,714,326 $6,042,195 $(2,327,869)

The numbers show that in 2000-2001, the Hokies finished a close third in football revenue at $14.6 million, and second in profits from football at $4.8 million.

The Miami Hurricanes were tops in revenue that year, primarily due to the fact that they were the Big East's entry into the BCS that year. The Big East BCS team makes several million dollars more in bowl revenue than its conference counterparts, thanks to the Big East's revenue sharing agreement.

In 1999, for example, when Tech went to the BCS instead of Miami, the Hokies' football revenue was $15.6 million to Miami's $13.8 million (Syracuse was tops in the Big East in 1999 with $17.3 million in football revenue).

What do the figures mean? Money isn't everything, but it is important if you want your football team and overall athletic program to be competitive in your conference. And in terms of money, the Hokies can compete with anyone in the Big East.

When you factor in the increased revenue that the newly-expanded Lane Stadium will bring in starting next season, the Hokies figure to be among the top-grossing -- and most profitable football programs -- in the Big East for years to come.

Will Stewart
General Manager and Managing Editor Updates From the Past Week

Coming Monday: TSL Extra #20

Don't let the unconventional cover -- an aerial photo of Lane Stadium with the South end zone expansion under construction -- fool you: this is one of our best TSL Extra's ever. Take a look:

Recruiting Profiles: Phillip Brown and Vince Hall. Chris Horne gives you the lowdown on two of the top recruits in the state.

The Boom in Tech Athletics: VT athletic department revenue is booming, and the money picture gets brighter every year for the Hokies.

The Dean of Big East Coaches: While others have come and gone, Tech's Frank Beamer is one of two original Big East coaches still standing. Jim Alderson looks at his record against other Big East coaches.

The Ten Most Influential Players of the Beamer Bowl Era: Okay, #1 is a no-brainer. See if you agree with Will Stewart's picks for #'s 2-10. A must-read article.

The Corners are Full: Will Stewart waxes philosophical about the ever-expanding Lane Stadium, and how different things used to be just a few short years ago.

Inside the Numbers: Football Ticket Revenue: As ticket prices, attendance, and the number of games goes up, so does ticket revenue. But how much? We take a stab at figuring it out.

Inside TSL: The Covers: So what goes into producing a TSL Extra cover? Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.

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