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   Welcome to TSLMail #35 - Friday, June 14, 2002
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   Tech Sports News

Recruiting News: Demetrius Hodges Enrolls at Junior College

We had been hearing that 2002 recruit Demetrius Hodges (click the link for his database profile) was going to attend a junior college in Georgia, so on Thursday, we checked it out.

Hodges, a cornerback who is 5-10, 175, and runs a 4.5 forty, attended Cardinal Newman High School in West Palm Beach, Florida. A call to his high school coach, Sam Budnyk, on Thursday afternoon was not successful, but we were able to reach his home Thursday night, where we spoke to his grandmother, with whom he has been living.

"He's going to Georgia Military College," she told us. "He left this past weekend and went and enrolled. He's going to play football there, but he still wants to attend Virginia Tech when he's done there."

Hodges was not able to meet NCAA freshman eligibility requirements out of high school. His grandmother wasn't sure if he was a partial qualifier (a player who has achieved either the necessary grades or test scores, but not both) or a non-qualifier (a player who has achieved neither one), but she told us, "His grades were good, and Cardinal Newman [a private Catholic school] is a hard school."

But Hodges couldn't make the score on the SAT, so from her description, he is most likely a partial qualifier. The Hokies can only take one partial qualifier a year, and sources tell us that slot is reserved for ATH Jimmy Williams from Bethel High School in Hampton, who currently is a partial qualifier (we're told Williams has the grades but like Hodges is short on his SAT score). So Hodges' options were to go the prep school route or the JUCO route.

Georgia Military College, or GMC, as it is known, is a two-year junior college, not a prep school like Fork Union Military Academy (FUMA) or Hargrave Military Academy. So in order to transfer from GMC to Virginia Tech, according to the NCAA's Transfer Guide, Hodges will need to graduate from GMC. And each season spent at GMC is a season of NCAA eligibility used. So if he plays at GMC for two seasons, he'll have just two seasons of eligibility upon enrolling at Tech.

GMC may be an unknown school to Tech fans, but Hodges has picked a winner. GMC went 11-0 last year and was crowned the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) national champion.

Our attempts to reach Hodges on his cell phone at GMC Thursday night were unsuccessful.

Will Stewart
General Manager and Managing Editor Updates From the Past Week

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