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   Tech Sports News

Football News - Spring Practice is Underway

The Tech football team kicked off four weeks of spring practice last Saturday, and so far, the big news has centered around a few player position changes, the appearance (and subsequent disappearance) of basketball player Mbindo Dongo, and the departure of a reserve tight end from the team.

The highly-traveled Keith Burnell, who switched from tailback to rover before spring practice started, moved again to cornerback and has now been moved to wide receiver. He'll work at flanker, behind Richard Johnson, Shawn Witten, and Chris Shreve.

Before spring practice started, Mikal Baaqee moved from Backer (where he was backing up Vegas Robinson) to the #1 Mike spot. Defensive ends Nathaniel Adibi and Lamar Cobb switched positions, with Adibi going to Stud end (where he's listed as a co-starter with Cols Colas) and Cobb going to Defensive end (where he's listed as a co-second-teamer with Jason Lallis behind Jim Davis).

Basketball big man Mbindo Dongo, all 6-9, 265 pounds of him, came out and gave it a shot at tight end ... for one day. Dongo would only have one year of eligibility, and it was just too much to learn, so he politely bowed out after one practice.

Rising redshirt sophomore tight end Mike Jackson, who has chronic knee injury problems, has decided to leave the team. Jackson has had five injuries and four surgeries on the knee in his life, and it is not responding to rehabilitation and treatment.

Hokie Women in Fall in WNIT Semifinals to Houston

The Tech women's basketball team finished at 21-11 on the year, falling to Houston in the WNIT semifinals last Saturday, 77-72 in overtime. The loss was a bitter, heartbreaking pill to swallow, as Tech led by 9 points with under 7 minutes to go and collapsed down the stretch under Houston's press.

The loss spoiled a 32-point, 8-rebound performance by Tech sophomore center Ieva Kublina, who will seriously contend for All-American status before the end of her Tech career. has a full game report available on-line. Congratulations to the Hokies for their fifth-straight 20-win season and fifth-straight postseason appearance (3 NCAA's, 2 WNIT's) under Coach Bonnie Henrickson.

Will Stewart
General Manager and Managing Editor

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Improved Message Board Help and Resources

On Thursday, we made a slight revamp to our message boards that you may not have noticed, but which will provide more tools and help within easy reach.

If you look at the top of each board, you'll see the usual links for registering, retrieving or changing your password, and updating your email address, etc.

We have added two new pages: an Acronyms Page that describes what all those abbreviations mean (FWIW, BTW, IMHO, etc.), and a Netiquette Page that explains basic message board etiquette and guidelines.

We heartily recommend that you check out those two new pages, particularly the Netiquette page.

Have you Seen "VT Hokie News"?

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VT Hokie News is a portion of the web site that features daily links to VT-related articles, Big East articles, and general sports articles. Every morning, we comb through our Links Page and our message boards and pull together every link that we think may be of interest to fans of the Hokies, the Big East, and college sports in general.

Sure, you could sift through our Links Page by yourself, but we do the work for you.

VT Hokie News is a database-driven, searchable page. So if you remember seeing an article on a particular VT recruit for instance, you can type in that recruit's name, hit the search button, and every link we've ever posted in VT Hokie News about that recruit will be pulled up. We can't guarantee that the target web site will still have the article archived, but at least you'll know where it was and can try to access it.

VT Hokie News is updated every weekday morning with rare exceptions, usually by 10:00 a.m., and almost always by lunch time. VT Hokie New is also generally updated on weekends as well, but we don't provide any guarantees as to weekend update frequency or timing (during football season, it's usually pretty consistent, though).

If you've never seen VT Hokie News, you really ought to check it out on a daily basis and at least skim the day's news. Click here to see it.

Football News and Articles:
Lane Stadium Construction Update and Pics - by Will Stewart, 3/26/02
Pictures of Lane Stadium's South end zone construction, plus important information about proposed changes to the West side expansion design.

Football and the Final Four - by Jim Alderson, 3/27/02
A recent article in the Raleigh News and Observer caught my eye. The piece, lifted from the Philadelphia Inquirer, pointed out that all of the participants in this year’s Final Four are members of BCS conferences.

Spring Football Notes - by Will Stewart, 3/28/02
The first week of spring football has been relatively slow from a news standpoint, but at the end of this week, things are going to get interesting. Also: The Infamous Noel-Hall Locker Room Brawl.

WNIT News and Articles
Hokies Fall to Houston in OT, 77-72 - 3/24/02
Blacksburg, VA -- Houston used a late-game 16-4 run to erase a nine-point Hokie lead and then won in overtime, downing Tech 77-72 in the WNIT semifinals.

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