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   Welcome to TSLMail #20 - Friday, February 22, 2002
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   Tech Sports News

Burnell Burns It Up

The Hokie football team underwent testing yesterday for Max Test Height, Weight, 40 Yard Dash, NFL Shuttle Run, Vertical Jump, and 10 Yard Dash.

The big news was tailback-turned-cornerback Keith Burnell, who broke Damien Russell's 12-year-old forty yard dash record by running a 4.21. Russell ran a 4.23 in 1990, and over the next 12 years, that record withstood assaults by Hokie speed legends, including Michael Vick (4.25 in 2000), Larry Austin (4.26 in 2000), and Lee Suggs (4.27 in 2000).

Burnell's time also chopped an impressive 7 hundredths of a second off of his old personal best of 4.28.

Other notable 40 times: 

Player 40 Time Comment
DeAngelo Hall 4.31 2nd fastest time
Kevin Jones 4.38 Was not timed in fall 2001
Bryan Randall 4.54 Tied for fastest QB
Chris Clifton 4.54 Tied for fastest QB
Cols Colas 4.41 Fastest DL, faster than every WR
Vinnie Burns 4.53 That's a fast punter

Complete 40 times for the entire team are available on for BeamerBall subscribers.

Today and next week, the Hokies will be tested for weight lifting max amounts for back squat, power clean, bench press and push jerk.

Spring football practice begins in about four weeks, on Saturday, March 23rd. The Spring Game will be held on Saturday, April 20th, at 2:00 p.m. in Lane Stadium. Admission is free.

Will Stewart
General Manager and Managing Editor

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Football News and Articles:
South End Zone Construction Pics - 2/18/02
The latest pictures, contributed by two different photographers, provide outstanding views of the construction progress on the South end zone expansion.

Is Change Afoot for the Hokie Offense? - by Will Stewart,, 2/21/02
In the recruitment of QB Marcus Vick, the Hokies came out of nowhere to take the checkered flag late. Vick signed with the Hokies because he saw changes in the program, specifically in the offense. The only question that remains is how extensive those changes are going to be.

Other News:
Hokie Hotline Notes - by Apex Hokie, 2/19/02
Monday’s Hokie Hotline featured Virginia Tech athletic director Jim Weaver (speaking about stadium expansion and the 13th football game) and head basketball coach Ricky Stokes.

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