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    TSLMail Special - September 17, 2007    
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"The Colosseum: A Luxury Sports Condominium Hotel" is pleased to welcome aboard a new sponsor: The Colosseum, A Luxury Sports Condominium Hotel. The Colosseum is planned for Blacksburg's South Main Street at Dowdy Drive. Slated for completion in the summer of 2009, The Colosseum will be a high-end luxury condominium/hotel/conference center. Built of concrete and steel, and loaded with state of the art connectivity, it will be the first of its kind built in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

If you're not familiar with the concept of a condominium/hotel, it works like this: You buy the condominium unit (choose from a selection ranging from studio units to three-bedroom penthouse suites), so you own it. But the building is run like a luxury hotel, including the housekeeping, room service, and luxury amenities you expect from a fine hotel, so you're pampered while you're there. When you're not there, you can place your condominium in the rental program, where it will generate income for you.

Mark Kinser is the president of Radford-based Unlimited Construction, Inc. and is the Builder/Developer and Managing Member of The Colosseum project. Kinser is more excited about The Colosseum than any project he has ever been involved with, and he's quick to trumpet its amenities and quality construction.

When asked to describe the Colosseum, Kinser said, "The Colosseum will offer over 23 different architecturally stunning floor plans of studios through three bedroom penthouse units all at different price points. Finishes will include tile, crown molding, granite countertops, nine foot ceilings, stainless steel appliances and garage parking. Penthouse units are also available with 12 foot ceilings and lots of glass. Built of concrete and steel, and loaded with state of the art connectivity, it will be the first of its kind built in Virginia."

The Colosseum is designed for 241 suites. Studio units start at 400 square feet, with the penthouse units topping out at 1,600 square feet. Prices will range from the $180's through the mid $700's. In addition to its luxurious, rock-solid construction and physical amenities, The Colosseum will offer the best in luxury services that you'll find at any high-end hotel: the latest business technology, a spa and fitness center, dry cleaning pickup service, a full service shuttle for rides on game days, pickup service from the Blacksburg airport, and personal attention including complimentary valet parking and more.

These services will be provided by a management company with a proven track record: Salamander Hospitality.

"Salamander Hospitality is owned by billionaire Sheila Johnson, former owner of BET," Kinser explained. "They're ranked number two in North America by Condé Nast Traveller. They'll have a team in charge of the management of the condominium hotel and will offer hospitality services and attention to detail that are unprecedented in our market. The spa, restaurant, concierge and lifestyle experience will be pure pleasure. It will become a destination for southwestern Virginia and surrounding states."

For Kinser, a Virginia Tech graduate, The Colosseum project isn't just about building a condominium hotel and making money. He saw the opportunity to give back to the university and the athletic programs that so many Hokies enjoy.

If you're a Hokie fan (of course, most of you reading this are), you'll be hearing a lot about The Colosseum, because they're an official sponsor of Virginia Tech Athletics. The Colosseum will make a contribution of a percentage of all sales to the construction of Virginia Tech's new basketball practice facility, and The Colosseum will also offer a scholarship to a student athlete in hospitality or property management.

Virginia Tech and its athletes will benefit from The Colosseum, and if you buy a unit, so will you. Purchasing of a unit will enable the buyer a partial credit on their Hokie Club points.

"Typically," Kinser said, "we see our buyers and guests to be a Hokie sports fan, parent or just a lover of the great outdoor opportunities of Southwestern Virginia, and accustomed to quality hospitality services. The Colosseum will be easily accessible -- just one stoplight, if you're coming from Northern Virginia or Richmond."

The Colosseum is expected to be ready for occupancy in the summer of 2009. TSL is pleased to have this exciting project on board as a sponsor. For more information, please click their button ad on TSL's home page or look for their ads on TSL. You can also visit their web site at (where you'll find loads of information, pricing, and floor plans), or call them at 1-800-U-Go-TECH.

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