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    TSLMail Breaking News - June 13, 2007    
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LB Lyndell Gibson Commits to Virginia Tech
by Chris Coleman,

Salem (Virginia Beach, VA) High School linebacker Lyndell Gibson became Virginia Tech's eighth commitment of the class of 2008 when he verballed to the Hokie coaching staff on Wednesday. Gibson attended Virginia Tech's camp over the weekend, and it solidified his belief that he wanted to be a Hokie.

"I was thinking about committing [at the camp]," Gibson said. "I was wondering if I should do it. I just took a few days to think it over. I decided to go ahead and do it. Now, I can just focus on my grades and playing football. It is like a burden has been lifted."

The 5-11, 220-pound linebacker recorded 108 tackles and 14 sacks for Salem last season. He joins two other linebacker commitments for 2008, Bruce Taylor and Jake Johnson. The Hokies are also still pursuing linebacker recruits Terrell Manning and Allen Stephens. So far, linebacker is the strongest position in Tech's recruiting class.

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