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  TSLMail Special - March 7, 2007    
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TSL Begins Allstate Sponsorship Campaign
by Will Stewart,

Dear TSL Community Members: is pleased to announce the second "pilot" sponsor campaign we told you about recently. Up next is Allstate, who wants you to know about their accident forgiveness policy. We need your assistance, so read on to find out how you can help and possibly even save money on your car insurance, too.

Allstate's pilot sponsor campaign follows on the heels of our recently launched Lowe's pilot sponsor campaign. We want to thank you for your response to the Lowe's campaign, which was outstanding. Remember, the focus of these campaigns is to convince introductory sponsors of the power of our community, and your response will help us sign these sponsors to long-term contracts that will help us continue improving the site for you.

Allstate insurance wants you to know that they forgive you.  Actually, not yet, but they will as soon as you sign up for their new Your Choice Auto-Accident forgiveness program.  Allstate is excited to be sponsoring, and all they are asking from you is to click any of the banner ads, skyscraper ads, message board promos (the posts at the top of our boards) and/or links on the sponsor's page for details -- then, check out their new "Your Choice Auto program" and get a quick, free quote.

Or, you can click this link or the Allstate logo above. Getting a basic online quote takes as little as three minutes, or you can get a more detailed quote, if you desire. Allstate is going to judge the success of this campaign by the number of quotes requested, so please take the time to step through the process. The three-minute basic online quote can be done without giving any personal information.

Just like with Lowe's, there's another way we can get feedback to Allstate and convince them of the power of our community. You can tell them in your own words how much you value the investment they are making in If you've got an Allstate story, feedback or commentary about Allstate, or just a simple "thanks," email it to us by clicking here (to email [email protected]), and we'll put the emails together and pass them on to Allstate.

It is time to let Allstate Insurance know that they are in good hands with TSL, so step up to the plate, TSL'ers. The response to Lowe's was excellent, so please keep it up!

Thanks for your help. These pilot campaigns will continue, so please look for the next one coming down the pike. Thanks! -- Will

Will Stewart
General Manager and Managing Editor

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