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  TSLMail Breaking News - December 31st, 2002    
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TSL Announces Major Changes to Subscription Material
by Will Stewart,

After months of planning, is pleased to announce major changes to the subscription portion of our web site. Say goodbye to the TSL Extra, and hello to TSL's new TechSideline Pass subscription.

Our new TechSideline Pass subscription is your all-access pass to all of the great premium content here at With your TechSideline Pass, you'll be able to take your Hokie sports experience to the next level, and will truly be your one-stop shop for Hokie sports information.

In a nutshell, here are the changes -- please read through everything:

  • The monthly format of the TSL Extra was retired about two months ago, in favor of a steady stream of premium articles, released one at a time, throughout the month. The subscription will now undergo a name change from TSL Extra to TechSideline Pass, or TSL Pass, if you prefer.
  • TSL's recruiting message board has been changed to a subscriber board (you must be a subscriber to view the board or to post on it), and a general topics subscriber board has also been added.
  • New payment options have been added -- you can now pay for a whole year ($34.95), three months ($10.95), or one month at a time ($4.95).
Please note that TSL Extra subscribers are automatically grandfathered for the duration of your TSL Extra subscription.

If you're ready to subscribe now, click here.

For more information, see our press release linked below.

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