Letter From the Editor: An Information Extravaganza
by Will Stewart, TechSideline.com
TSL Extra, Issue #15

Dear Readers:

Every month, when I sit down to do this Letter from the Editor, I take a look at the offerings for the month to see if a theme jumps out at me. At first, nothing did for this month's issue. This issue is all over the map and includes a player profile, a recruiting interview, an article about players in the pros, and not one -- but two -- "Inside TSL's." (that's to make up for gypping you last month by not including one).

I thought about the articles, and I thought, "Hmmm, that's a lot of information."

Take the Mike Daniels article, for instance. A lot of player profiles are fluff that doesn�t contain any hard info. Interesting reading, but you don't miss anything if you don't read them. But not this one; it answers the critical question of whether or not Daniels has a future at whip linebacker, the spot he was forced to play this past season when injuries and poor play compromised the position.

Then there's the interview with QB recruit Patrick Dosh, a recent verbal commitment. Quarterbacks get the most attention, so many of you have a lot of questions about Patrick. He answers all of them, and more. You'll like his attitude, and once you've heard what he has to say about Virginia Tech football and how he thinks he will fit in at Tech, I think you'll be a Patrick Dosh fan from here on out.

The next article is the 2001 Season in Review. Okay, so there's not a lot of new info there, but I promise you, this one hits hard, and you may not like what it has to say. I try to wrap it up in a positive way, though.

This month's "Inside the Numbers" gives you a (sometimes painfully) detailed breakdown of which colleges put the most players in the NFL, and at what positions. Data like that tend to change frequently, but nonetheless, it's an interesting read.

Then there are the two "Inside TSL's," one about the experiences I've had interviewing recruits, and another about the experiences I had working in the press box in three of Tech's road football games this year.

This issue lives up to the TSL Extra's promise of being a different way of looking at Tech athletics. It's not an issue that has any central theme running through it, not like last month's bowl retrospective issue, but one thing's for sure: there's lots of info in here.

Enjoy issue #15.



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