Issue 10: August 17, 2001

Letter From The Editor -- Will Stewart
Ready for kickoff.

Recruiting Profile: Brandon Gore -- Will Stewart
Brandon Gore is a huge offensive lineman who doesn't sweat it when it comes time to sweat.

A Momentary Lapse in Judgment -- Neal Williams
Derrius Monroe, an NFL-caliber talent at defensive end, made a big mistake, and it cost him dearly.

Big East Preview 2001 -- Will Stewart
Wherein our fearless webmaster takes a look at the Big East Football Conference ... and pretty much sees what everyone else sees. Yes, the Canes will be hard to knock off.

Big East Team Capsules -- Will Stewart
All the pertinent info on every Big East team, in an easily digestible format.

Inside the Numbers: Big East Media Predictions -- Will Stewart
We compare the annual Big East media predictions to where the teams actually finish and answer the burning question: how accurate are these guys, anyway?

Inside TSL: Crunch Time -- Will Stewart
Tech Sideline's head honcho looks to the horizon and sees ... the horizon.

Inside TSL 2: Short Takes -- Will Stewart
TSLX comments, Will Hunt's future, and how Jack Bogaczyk once cut me some slack.


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