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Monday, June 24, 2002
by Will Stewart,

Issue #20 of the TSL Extra

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Issue #20 of the TSL Extra is here, and this month's issue is another winner, featuring recruiting profiles of rising high school seniors Vince Hall and Phillip Brown, plus our ranking of the ten most influential players of the Beamer Bowl Era!

We've also got "Inside the Numbers" features on football ticket revenue and the financial boom in Tech athletics. "Inside TSL" returns with a quirky little feature about the TSL Extra covers. Lastly, Jim Alderson brings us the numbers on Frank Beamer versus the Big East, and we've got an article commenting on the ever-expanding Lane Stadium.

Here are the details on this month's articles:

Vince Hall: Controlled Aggression
by Chris Horne
Western Branch's Vince Hall hones his mental and physical approach to the game.

Phillip Brown: Mr. Everything
by Chris Horne
Phoebus' Phillip Brown wants to be the man, so he does it all.

The Ten Most Influential Players of the Beamer Bowl Era
by Will Stewart
We count them down, from #10 to Michael Vick.

The Dean of Big East Coaches
by Jim Alderson
Virginia Tech's Frank Beamer has had his way with almost every coach in the Big East.

The Corners are Full
by Will Stewart
Some thoughts on the ever-expanding Lane Stadium, and how different things used to be just a few short years ago.

Inside the Numbers 1: Football Ticket Revenue
by Will Stewart
You'll never believe this, but higher ticket prices plus larger crowds equals more money. Lots more.

Inside the Numbers 2: The Boom in Tech Athletics
by Will Stewart
VT athletic department revenue is booming, and the numbers get better every year for the Hokies.

Inside TSL: The Covers
by Will Stewart
So what goes into producing a TSL Extra cover? Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.

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