Tuesday, December 16, 1997

Ticket Purchase Plans in Full Swing

Follow-up to yesterday's news about ticket donations...

Yesterday, I was able to set up a couple of "accounts" at the Tech ticket office for purchasing tickets for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Jacksonville and a company of soldiers in Savannah, Georgia commanded by a Hokie.  Tickets will all be together(!) for these groups, so the BB/BS group will all be able to sit together, and the soldiers will all be able to sit together.

The BB/BS tickets will be mailed directly to Jacksonville, and the soldier tickets will be mailed to me.  I will later forward them to the soldiers.

If you want to order extra tickets and donate them to either (or both) of these groups, here's how:

Call the Tech ticket office (1-800-VATECH4, or 1-800-828-3244 to the alphanumerically challenged) and ask to speak to Jim Roark.  Tell Jim that you want to order tickets for "Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Jacksonville" or "Soldiers in Georgia" (or both), whichever you prefer.

Jim will then take your order and will set aside your tickets in the group you order them for. When Jim reaches 60 tickets on the BB/BS order, he will stop taking orders, and when he reaches 40 tickets on the Soldiers order, he will stop taking orders.  If he gets more orders beyond the first 100, he'll add them to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters group, and the BB/BS group will send any unused tickets on to other charities in Jacksonville.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! All orders must be placed before 2:00 PM on Tuesday!!! That's today!!! So place your orders soon! The Tech ticket office opens at 9:00 a.m.  The tickets will be set aside late Tuesday and mailed Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

As of 5:00 on Monday, 26 tickets had been ordered for Big Brothers/Big Sisters and 12 tickets had been ordered for the soldiers.  These totals include 2 tickets donated to each group by HokieCentral, and one gentleman emailed me and told me that he had ordered 10 tickets.

We've got a chance to contribute up to 100 tickets or more to Tech's bottom line, and to help people out and build good will for Tech at the same time, folks! Let's go for it! And lastly, thanks to the Tech ticket office, in particular Jim Roark and Clare, for working with me on this!


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