Wednesday, November 12, 1997

Here are GalaxHokie's notes from Monday night's Hokie Hotline show. Sorry they're a few days late, but this is a really busy week for me.

Also, I made several mistakes in the Miami game report that need correcting:

  • I incorrectly called Miami's Edgerrin James by the reverse name "James Edgerrin."
  • I stated that Miami and Syracuse play on December 29th. It's November 29th, obviously.
  • I said something about James Jackson being in high school last year, and he wasn't. He was at Fork Union.

Good thing Al Clark made fewer mistakes than I, huh?

I'll try to post some comments on the men's basketball team later this week, but as I said, it's a very busy week. Speaking of the men's team, they play against Court Authority in the Cassell on Thursday night. I think the game is at 7:00, and Court Authority features former VCU players Kendrick Warren and Kenny Harris, so it should be interesting. Make it if you can.

Without further ado, here's Galax's report on Monday's show....

Hokie Hotline Notes - Monday, November 10, 1997
(by GalaxHokie)

The Miami game was the first time since the 1994 Gator Bowl that VT surrendered touchdowns on first two possessions. Overall, said defensive coordinator Bud Foster, the defense played hard, but "it wasn't our best football."

Re the 78 yard TD run in the fourth quarter, Foster said UM had run the play most of the night with minimal success. On the TD, the "contain guy" failed to free the proper arm and get outside to make the stop, Foster said. "A fundamental breakdown." On the final UM touchdown, the outside containment man jumped to the inside.

During the time out prior to the deciding 2-point conversion attempt, Foster said they reviewed some of the 2 point plays they'd seen by Miami on tape this season. And sure enough, they ran one of the same plays. VT was playing zone, Foster and Bill Roth noted, just as in last year's game when another interception sealed the win.

Foster said UM played its best game of the year vs. Tech. Beamer later said that BC, Temple, and WVU also played their best games against the Hokies. Being defending champs can lead to that, Roth noted.

Caller asked about holding by UM. Foster said it was happening, but they aren't going to call it these days. Whatever that means.

A lot of UM completions came when Canes went to 7 or 8 man protection.

Some Tech coaches will be on the road "evaluating" recruits this weekend during the off week. Contact with recruits is allowed beginning Dec. 1.

Foster responded to question about Pegues' playing time. Said Oxendine is battle-tested, a player whom coaches have confidence in as a complete back who can block, run routes correctly, etc in that situation. VT is 34-8 with Ox in the backfield, Roth said.

Roth says Ox ranks as VT's fifth leading rusher all time. He said it's much like past years when Duane Thomas was the man and people called for Ox to play; when Hebron was the man, they wanted Duane to play, and so forth.

Caller asked about commotion in second quarter when coaches were on the field. Foster said, "Well, I wasn't going to bring that up, but..." and went on to say that he pretty much went ballistic at the defense and how it was playing and how they needed to step it up. "I was irate and letting them know it."

Beamer called it a great win/effort/crowd. He complimented Miami's excellent young talent.

People don't have to worry about the Big East, Beamer said, for Miami is on the way back, WVU and Cuse are strong and Temple, BC and Pitt are improving.

They noted that Jackson, the Canes tailback who burned the Hokies, played at Fork Union. He made the 78-yard TD run and also caught Prioleau on the interception. Couldn't stop him either way, Beamer said.

The pass to Gildersleeve was a touchdown, Beamer said, because he had control and took 2 steps. But overall, the game was well officiated for the most part, coach said. He thought that 2 clips were missed on Miami on our last kickoff that should have pushed the Canes back from the 34 to the 14.

There was no question on the onside kick situation. "Very obvious" it was touched too soon by Miami, Beamer said. "I didn't understand all the fuss." He praised the official for standing in there and making the call.

Oxendine was in on 61 plays Saturday, Pegues on 7. Beamer said they understand how good both are. Ox has been in so many big games, he said. Ox picked up big first down near end of the game. In 5 situations of third and three or less, Ox was used 4 times and picked up the first down 4 times.

Caller complained about quality of bowl seating after you spend all the money to get there. Roth said in most cases the best seats are sold in advance to local/corporate sponsors, leaving the rest for team distribution. That's (partly) where the $8.3 million comes from that the teams receive, Roth said.

Roth reminded that bowl ticket order forms were mailed out last week to season ticket holders and contributors and must be returned by Nov. 21 (in person, or postmarked no later than Nov. 20). Fiesta is a sellout situation due to local support and VT will get no tickets beyond the usual allotment, Roth said.

Beamer said the bowl talk was making him nervous because there's a lot of football left, and that was the end of the bowl topic.

Re taking the points off the board in fourth quarter, Beamer said he did that his first year vs. Clemson and paid for it. He said he told his coaches he'd never do it again. But he thought the situation called for it against Miami because VT matched up well against their defense. Got to have confidence in your kicker, he said, plus he thought there was the opportunity to get a TD and put it back to an 11-point lead. The total drive took 7 minutes and 1 second off the clock, Roth said.

Caller asked about the handoffs deep in the backfield, allowing other teams to react. Beamer said it's a zone blocking situation, you hand it off deep and let the backs choose their cut. He said running backs coach Billy Hite always says he's through coaching them after the ball's handed off.

Al Clark's knee is still bothering him. Beamer said Al threw his best ever, and that he was calm and under control at the end of the game. He complimented Al's decision making, such as the time they called a screen pass, it was covered, and Al ran for a first down.

In November, Beamer said, you've got to have the mentality that you are going to run the football and the mentality that you are going to protect the lead.

Caller asked about recruiting emphasis. Beamer said OL and WR are key. Also mentioned finding some more big DL who can be moved around, and said they want to feel good about QB recruits when it's all settled.

Foster said VT has not shared any BE tape on Pitt this year and that he had been watching tape of a TV game.


1. JV game at home, 2 p.m. Friday vs. Hargrave Military Academy.

2. Basketball exhibition game Thursday nite vs. Court Authority (former VCU and Richmond players), 6:30 broadcast, 7 tipoff.

Laguna Beach Hokie was one of the callers. Roth said the guy calls every week. "I talk more to him than I do my parents."

And we close with this tidbit from Bill Roth: EVERY Big East team has lost its last game at Blacksburg.



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