Tuesday, August 5th, 1997

Lamar Cobb Verbals to Tech

Wow. Excuse me, while I get excited.

On Monday, Gretna's Lamar Cobb verballed to Virginia Tech. According to Channel 10 out of Roanoke, Cobb is listed as one of the Top 50 "athletes" available in the country by recruiting gurus, and his physical stats sure seem to fit the bill: he is 6-5, 215, and runs a 4.5 forty.

You've heard numbers like that before, but it's not often that you hear these numbers associated with the same player: 4.2 GPA, and 1200 SAT. Sounds like the Hokies have snagged themselves a great individual, not just a good football player. Cobb seemed like a nice kid on the clips they showed on Channel 10 - he wore a tie to his press conference, and, flanked by his parents, he said, "I'm going to Virginia Tech to continue my education ... " and then he grinned and said, " ... and play football."

Cobb is Tech's sixth verbal so far. He is listed as an all-purpose athlete, having played DB, kick returner, and running back at Gretna. I don't know about you, but I'd like to see him play wide receiver. I've lusted for years for a tall, rangy wide receiver, ever since I watched Herman Moore annihilate Tech year after year. The Hokies have had some good receivers in the years since then, but not of the 6-5 variety. Put him there, coach!!! If Ricky Hall is as good as the hype, can you imagine Hall (6-3) and Cobb (6-5) on the same field? And if not receiver, then let's try him at cornerback, where he can smother other teams' midget receivers and finally provide a Hokie answer for the Yatil Greens and Herman Moores of the world!

Sorry. Told you I was going to get excited. For continuing recruiting news, be sure to check out The Screaming Lizard's Hokie Hotline.


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