Tuesday, April 22nd, 1997

Draftee and Free Agent Recap

Busy night folks, so I've only got time for this quick summation of the Hokie draftees and free agents. Clip it and save it for future reference.


  • Jim Druckenmiller - first round, San Francisco 49ers.
  • Torrian Gray - second round, Minnesota Vikings.
  • Antonio Banks - fourth round, Minnesota Vikings.
  • Cornell Brown - sixth round, Baltimore Ravens.

Free Agent Signings - yes, it was shocking that a couple of these guys didn't get drafted, but fear not, they'll get their shots in NFL training camps. The following players will try out with the indicated teams:

  • Billy Conaty - Buffalo Bills.
  • Bryan Jennings - Houston Oilers (? - did they move yet?).
  • Jay Hagood - New York Jets.
  • Myron Newsome - Carolina Panthers.
  • Waverly Jackson - Carolina Panthers.
  • Corney White - Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • T.J. Washington - Dallas Cowboys.
  • Brian Edmonds - Seattle Seahawks.

In related news, the Denver Broncos made an offer to Jim Pyne, but the Tampa Bay Bucs matched it. Although I'm not up to speed on NFL free-agent rules, I think this means that Pyne will stay in Tampa.

Also, Big John Burke was in town this past weekend, and the word is that he's got two offers on the table from New England - a one-year deal, and a three-year deal worth more per year. For John, these are the important issues he has to consider as he weighs the two contracts to make up his mind:

  1. Bill Parcells, who was his biggest proponent and the biggest reason he's playing in the NFL, is no longer with the Pats.
  2. After next year, John is eligible for an NFL pension.
  3. How long is he willing to pull major pine time behind Ben Coates, one of the best TE's in the league, if not the best?


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