Friday, March 28th, 1997

Tic Price is Named as the New Coach at Memphis

Tech graduate Tic Price, who has been coaching at the University of New Orleans for the last three years, is stepping it up another level and moving up to the big time. Price will be the new head coach at Memphis University of Conference USA (that's Memphis State to most of us Hokies). In his three years at UNO, Price won at least twenty games each season and took the Privateers to either the NIT or the NCAA each year. That kind of performance gets you noticed.

Channel 10 out of Roanoke reported that Price's contract is for five years and is valued at over $650,000, but two other sources (one of them The USA Today) reports that the contract is worth $400,000 per year. Congratulations to Tic and good luck.

Hokies Pound Radford Again

The Hammerin' Hokies downed Radford again Thursday in another laugher, winning this one by the score of 12-2 (or 11-2, or 12-1, or something like that). The baseball team has now crawled completely out of the hole it dug at the beginning of the season and sports a 13-12 record, going over .500 for the first time since early in the season.

"The Move" is Coming Soon

I've started the process of setting up service with a web hosting company, so look for to arrive in a couple of weeks. As I move the site, I'll make some minor changes in the format, but for the most part, it will be identical to the current site you've all come to know and love (if the increasing number of hits is any indication, anyway).

Many thanks to the Hokie Central members, by the way. Without your generosity, the move would not be possible.

For the next two weeks, as I've said before, updates will be sparse, so keep an eye on the message board for breaking news. If you take the time to wade through the UVa discussions and the occasional flame wars that pop up there, you can get some good info.

Speaking of the message board, it is down for the Easter weekend. I'll bring it back up on Tuesday morning, so look for it then. Have a good weekend!


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