Thursday, March 27th, 1997

Druck Gets a Look from Strock and Ditka

The parade of NFL scouts and coaches into Blacksburg continues as they come to have a look at Jim Druckenmiller. This week's list of notables include Don Strock (who was scouting for the Baltimore Ravens, I assume, although I missed the very beginning of the news report) and Saints Coach Mike Ditka. You've heard the drill by now - Druck is the total package, great arm strength, etc., etc.

Ditka's workout with Druck was off-limits to the press, so we're not sure how that went, although Druckenmiller did comment later that he wasn't as accurate with his throws as he has been in other workouts. No matter - Jim has cracked the Top 10 of the draft and is now projected as the #7 pick by draft analyst Mel Kiper. The New York Giants currently occupy the #7 slot in the draft, but the consensus of opinion is that if Druck goes 7th, it will be because somebody traded up to pick him, not because the Giants have any interest in him.

Last week, the Seattle Seahawks were mentioned as a good possibility, but they signed Warren Moon the day after I reported that, so they no longer have a need at QB. Since then, the Arizona Cardinals and the Saints have come to the forefront, although as a Dolphins fan, I'd still like to see the fish get him (and don't send me emails about how Dolphins are mammals - it's just an expression I use).

Frankly, I want the draft to get here and for this thing to be settled. The suspense is killing me.

Edmond Will Suffer no Further Punishment

Tech linebacker Tyron Edmond will undergo no further discipline from the football team, Virginia Tech announced Tuesday. Although Edmond was convicted of a misdemeanor and sentenced to two days in jail, Dave Braine decided that the new athletic behavior policies will not be invoked, due to the fact that they were not in place at the time of the incident. Since Edmond has already served a one-game suspension, Braine felt that no further sanctions were necessary, concluding that it would be unfair to punish Edmond further under a policy that was enacted after he was arrested.

Important to the new policy is the fact that incoming student-athletes will sign a statement of ethics when they enter the university, and therefore will be aware of the ramifications of breaking the law. Braine said that the players indicted in November obviously did not sign any such policy and will not be affected by it.

Hokie Baseball on a Roll

After a slow start this year, the Tech baseball team evened its record at .500 with a 21-4 pounding of Radford on Wednesday. It is the seventh victory in a row for the Hammerin' Hokies, who are now (I believe) 12-12, including a 3-0 start in the A-10. Coach Hartman commented that the team bears almost not resemblance to the floundering, error-prone team he saw as recently as two weeks ago. They're just in time, because UMass comes to town for a doubleheader this Saturday, starting at 1:00.

Student Found Dead at Lane Stadium

On Tuesday, a Virginia Tech freshman was found dead due to a fall from Lane Stadium's East (student) stands. I apologize for not having the student's full name available, but I remember that his last name was Ainey, and the death is being ruled as an apparent suicide. Although the police did not disclose any details, they have knowledge of the events leading up to the fall, and that knowledge indicates that the death was indeed a suicide.

This is the second time I've reported something like this at Hokie Central. I remember after I first started the site, a construction worker fell through the Cassell Coliseum roof to his death on the Cassell Coliseum floor. I hope I don't have to report anything like this again.


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