Sunday, February 23rd, 1997

Hokies Dump Dukes, 76-62

This one was fun. The Hokies came out fired up, shot well, and ran away from Duquesne, leading 41-26 at the half and coasting to the victory. It was a day for ceremonies, as Tech's five seniors were honored: Ace Custis, Jim and David Jackson, Troy Manns, and Keefe Matthews. Ace received the ultimate honor, having his #20 jersey retired. So any of you who bought the replica #20 jersey from Champs or Foot Locker, hang onto it, because you'll never see another #20 Tech jersey again.

Other ceremonies: Tech senior cheerleaders, Hi Techs, and even the Hokie Bird were all honored. After the victory, Coach Foster was presented with a cake honoring his 100th victory at Virginia Tech. Foster smiled, waved briefly, and took off down the tunnel, where, I guess, there was still more coaching to be done.

Check out my game report on my Basketball Page. You better read it - after all, we won!

Channel 7 Does it to Me Again

I know my constant griping about how Channel 7 out of Roanoke does a lousy job of covering the Hokies is getting old, but here we go again...

The NBA game was running late on Channel 10, my sports channel of choice, so during the 6:00 news, I had to switch over and (aaarrrghh!!!) watch Channel 7 instead. Thankfully, they reminded while I was there why I never watch them.

Roy "You're getting veeerrry sleeeepy" Stanley was his usual self, not exactly jumping out of his seat with excitement over the day in sports. I swear, if the National Narcolepsy Foundation ever goes looking for a poster child, Roy and his boys at Channel 7 should be first in line. Roy came on and covered the latest NASCAR race first, which didn't gall me too much, because racing is big down here.

Then he cuts to a report, including video tape of ... the Roanoke College game. Grrrrr. But still I'm willing to cut 'em some slack, because it is the ODAC playoffs, and Roanoke is truly the hometown team. But then he follows it up with videotape of the Lynchburg College/Bridgewater game!

By now, I'm seeing red, but ol' Roy one-ups himself by proceeding to finally do his report on the Hokies game with Duquesne, which consists of -- you guessed it -- about five sentences spoken sleepily into the camera, with no videotape.

I guessed they skipped the video tape because they were all anxious to get back to sleep there at Channel 7!! Aaaaargh!! Channel 10, where are you when I need you?!?!?

Turkey Bites

Notes from the weekly Virginia Tech Sports Today TV show:

  • Spring football practice begins in two weeks, culminating in the Spring Game at 2:00 in the afternoon on Saturday, April 19th.
  • Bill Foster's daughter once dated UVa basketball coach Jeff Jones. It happened when Foster was coaching Clemson and Terry Holland was coaching UVa. The two (Foster and Holland) were having dinner together, and they wound up setting up a date between Foster's daughter and one of Holland's players, a point guard by the name of Jeff Jones. I'm not touching that one, folks.
  • I was in the Tech Bookstore on Saturday, and I can tell you that they've got the #16 and #58 Starter football jerseys on sale for $24.95, marked down from $39.95. These aren't authentic replica jerseys (which usually sell for $60-70), but they are pretty nice knockoffs, if you're interested in that sort of thing. If you want one, either stop by the Tech Bookstore or call 1-800-967-0608. Visit to check out their other goodies.
  • I've made a minor change to the way I do my archives. From now on, when I archive stuff, I'll rearrange it so it's in chronological order from the top down. In the News and Notes section, the reports are in chronological order from the bottom up, so when you check in, you get the most recent stuff at the top of the page. This doesn't make sense in an archive, though, so I'm now flipping the articles as I archive them. All to make things easier for you, loyal readers.


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