Thursday, January 16th, 1997

Senior Bowl and Hula Bowl This Weekend

The Senior Bowl and Hula Bowl college football all-star games will be played this weekend, and a number of Hokies are participating in the two games.

In Saturday's Senior Bowl game, which will be televised at 1:30 by TBS, you can catch Jim Druckenmiller and Jay Hagood on offense, while Cornell Brown and Torrian Gray will tee it up on defense. On Sunday, in the Hula Bowl, (time and channel unknown by me) you'll be able to see Billy Conaty and ... Torrian Gray?

That's right - in my research on the web today, I found Torrian listed on the roster in both games. I'm not sure which one he'll actually be playing in (like any intelligent human being, I'm assuming that he won't travel from Mobile Alabama straight to Hawaii for a game the next day), but if you tune in this weekend, you can find out for yourself.

One last note: the Senior Bowl has its own web site. No kidding. Check out the Senior Bowl Web Site.

Turkey Bites

  • Hokie Central reader James Brown reports the following to me:

    "I went to Rector Field House last night and the new indoor track has been delivered. This is truly one of the finest tracks in the country and another boost for Tech. It is a 200 meter, 6 lane, Mondo surface (same as the Olympics). If any of you get a chance please stop by to see the track and root on the Hokies. With the new outdoor track almost complete, Tech will have one of the nicest track facilities in the nation."

    Thanks for the info, James. The track sounds awesome at 1/8 of a mile. I ran on Tech's old indoor track during a high school track meet once and was pretty impressed with it, but I'm sure that the new track blows it away, no contest.

  • Negotiations are in process for Syracuse and Wisconsin to play in the next Kickoff Classic. Maybe one of these days, the Hokies will be able to play in one of the "Classics," but I'm not holding my breath. Dave Braine has lobbied in the past to get the Hokies included, but neither of the made-for-TV games are even remotely interested in the Hokies, who may be the Beast of the Big East, but they have a track record of being TV ratings dogs.
  • I've posted a new link in my College Basketball Links section of my Links Page. The link is to an unofficial Atlantic-10 basketball web site that is pretty impressive. Check it out. Also, check out the new My Opinion, by Bart Warner.


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