Tickets for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Virginia

Folks, if you've got extra tickets that you're not going to use, let's do something good with them:  donate them to charity.

I have organized a ticket donation drive for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Virginia.  BBBS has many "matches" that can use the tickets.  Most of their matches are one child and one adult, but there are matches of three people, as well, so don't get wrapped up about how many tickets you're donating - just give 'em all.

The best part is, you can get a receipt for your ticket donation, so (if your accountant agrees), you can deduct the donation on your taxes!

If you want to donate tickets you're not going to use to the BBBS, here's what to do:

  • Put your tickets (and a parking pass, if you've got one) in an envelope, with your name and return address clearly shown, so BBBS can send you a thank you/receipt.  If you're feeling really generous, include a self-addressed stamped envelope, to make it easier on them.
  • Write a small note saying "Courtesy of's BBBS ticket drive" (optional)
  • Send your tickets (and parking pass, and return envelope, if applicable) to the following address:
Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Southwest Virginia (or BBBS)
1999 South Main Street
Suite 401
Blacksburg, VA 24060

If you need to phone for last-minute arrangements, BBBS can be reached at 540-449-2698.

This is a great cause, and it's easy to do, folks, so pitch in!

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