Lane Stadium West Side Expansion Pictures

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West side expansion pics - 5/10/05
These pictures, taken May 9th, show steel work that has almost topped out, and the size and scope of the $52.5 million West Side expansion can now be seen, though the phrase "pictures don't do it justice" certainly applies in this instance. In short, this thing is big. Photo credits: Will Stewart.

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West side expansion pics - 4/6/05
These pictures, taken April 5th, show the continuing progress of the West Side structure. The size of the expansion is starting to manifest itself, and even as steel is still being added at the top level, finishing work (Hokie stone) is being done at the bottom levels. Photo credits: Don Vaughn

P1010088.JPG (102390 bytes) West side expansion pics - 2/7/05
These latest pictures, taken the weekend of Feb. 5th and 6th, show the continuing progress of the West Side structure. Steel, concrete, and Hokie Stone are starting to come together.

West side expansion pics - 11/15/04
In just a few weeks, the 2004 home football season will be over, and West Side expansion will kick into high gear with a sprint towards completion in August of 2005. Here are the latest pictures showing the concrete structure that will house the new West Side expansion.

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West side expansion pics - 6/25/04
Eight images taken yesterday show construction well under way.


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