Lane Stadium Expansion Drawings
posted 8/12/01

The following drawings are architectural drawings dated July 13, 2001. The drawings show details of the Lane Stadium South end zone and West side expansion projects. For complete details on Lane Stadium expansion, see TSL's Lane Stadium Expansion Page.

July, 2001 Lane Stadium Expansion Drawings
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stadiumexteriorsmall.jpg (48510 bytes) Stadium exterior
Large (883x631, 135kb)
Small (504x364, 48kb)
southendzoneexteriorsmall.jpg (52732 bytes) South end zone exterior
Large (884x681, 156kb)
Small (504x383, 52kb)
southendzonewalkupsmall.jpg (50923 bytes) South end zone-West side connector
Large (877x631, 142kb)
Small (504x369, 50kb)
pressboxexteriorsmall.jpg (49664 bytes) West (press box) side exterior
Large (884x606, 146kb)
Small (504x354, 49kb)
pressboxinteriorsmall.jpg (46714 bytes) West (press box) side interior
Large (884x581, 137kb)
Small (504x337, 46kb)


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