South End Zone Construction Update and Pics
by Will Stewart,
July 8, 2002

Tech's South end zone expansion project continues to barrel towards completion. Workers are placing seats and railings, painting the exterior, and doing the interior finish work. The field is also in very good condition, with the grass green and thriving.

The following pictures were taken by Ivan Morozov ("Russian Hokie") on or about July 2, 2002, and they show the South end zone project from a number of angles.

For more details on Lane Stadium expansion, see TSL's Lane Stadium Expansion Page.

July 8, 2002
South End Zone Expansion Photos
(pictures by Ivan Morozov, Russian Hokie, taken approx. 7/2/02.
Click thumbnails to see a larger image)

A view of the South end zone expansion from the West (press box) stands. Note how green the grass is.
Looking down on the Southwest corner, where workers are building an entrance (to see an architect's drawing of what the entrance will look like, click here).
A view of the South end zone from the West stands, showing wheelchair seating areas.
This view shows some of the railings that have been installed.
Another view of the expansion from the West stands.
An exterior view from the Southwest corner of the stadium, showing a worker on a cherry picker painting the exterior of the South end zone expansion.


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