South End Zone Construction Update and Pics
by Will Stewart,
May 29, 2002

The latest pictures, contributed by message board poster ChapelHill Hokie, show that the basic exterior concrete structure of the South end zone expansion is in place. At this point, finish work is in full gear as the construction crews push towards finishing in time for the August 25th season opener against Arkansas State.

Last Friday, May 24th, received an update from an engineer working on the project. The update read as follows:

Construction Update: Activity at the South end zone project is cranking up for the home stretch. The last structural concrete was placed yesterday on the third stair tower. Concrete remaining includes a few more topping slab sections on the upper concourse, timing steps on the seating risers and exterior sidewalks and drives. Timing steps are the cast-in-place concrete steps that go on top of the precast concrete risers to make the stepped aisles. There are four to five stepped aisles on the lower bowl and nine stepped aisles on the upper bowl. Seating supports are installed on the lower bowl and in progress on the upper. Some railing has also been installed on the lower bowl. This should all be visible to the webcam on

Inside, drywall, ductwork and electrical are going in quickly on the Club Level. All the suites have walls and the glass is in place on the north side of the suites and lounges facing the field. The remaining curtain wall (glass) will be installed in the next few weeks.

vtprecast.jpg (25501 bytes)
(click to enlarge)
One of the large, precast
VT logos that will be
placed on the South end
zone structure. The man in
the picture, Jonathan Smith
(VT '98), is 6'5" tall. Photo
by Mark Monahan, sent in

Outside, construction trailers will be on their way out soon, as will the perimeter fence. The exterior grading should begin by June 1. The area surrounding the expansion is going to be nicer than most people realize, complete with benches, landscaping and lights. Hokie stone will start rising up the elevator tower. A large piece of architectural precast concrete with a VT logo on it (see picture at right) will go up near the top of the elevator tower facing south towards the parking lot. The missing precast seating risers at the top center of the upper bowl will be installed once the elevator and associated equipment arrives in the next couple of weeks.

The view is tremendous from just about anywhere in the expansion. Things are going to change dramatically as the project transforms from a construction site to a beautiful new stadium. We won't know what things will be like with fans in the seats, but I suspect it will be very loud and intimidating to visitors.

(end of update)

For more details on Lane Stadium expansion, see TSL's Lane Stadium Expansion Page.

May 29, 2002
South End Zone Expansion Photos
(pictures by ChapelHill Hokie; click thumbnails to see a larger image)

5-26a.jpg (73731 bytes) 5-26e.jpg (54145 bytes) 5-26f.jpg (125560 bytes)

Artist's Conception of Full Stadium After SEZ Expansion
(This mockup was created by message board poster "hokieian," who added the crowd to a panoramic shot of the stadium taken by "Hokie02" during the 2002 Spring Game.)


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