BCA Classic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page
info provided by CentrevilleHokie, last updated 8/16/04

The answers to the following BCA Frequently Asked Questions have been verified with the Redskins Ticket Office. Please note - there is no information provided about the VT Ticket office, when they're shipping tickets, or why certain people received the tickets they did. This is strictly about FedEx Field and the game day environment.
Where should I stay if I'm coming from out of town?
Since we're talking about the Washington DC metropolitan area, your options are endless. There isn't much around the stadium. Your best bet is to get a map of the area, figure out where you want to stay, and do an on-line search for hotels in that area. If you're not familiar with the area, you can always try one of the sponsor locations listed on the BCA website. They are all nice facilities. The VT newsletter identified the Bethesda Marriott Hotel as the Hokie Club Headquarters for the BCA.
Travel and Parking
When do the parking lots open?
Don't pay attention to the "4 hours before the game" message printed on the parking passes. They're just a standard printing format for Skins games. Regular season Skins passes look identical to these. The Skins ticket office and BCA has confirmed the gates will open at 1:00 pm. If you call the general Skins ticket office and some stiff tells you 4 hours before the game, they're just quoting normal Skins game day policy and don't know the specifics about the BCA game. And yes, ALL LOTS open at 1:00 pm - Purple, Orange, Green, Blue, Red, and Cash.
Can I get to the stadium earlier than 1:00 pm to set up for my tailgate?
No. The way FedEx Field works is the roads that access the stadium are actually closed by PG County police the night before the game. People will not be able to get anywhere near the stadium prior to 1:00 pm. I've seen people get there early for Skins games, and depending on how many cars there are the PG police may just let you park along the access street OR they may tell you to get lost. They have never opened the lots early, and they won't this time either. It's a matter of staffing, if nothing else. The people that manage the lot traffic won't even be on the job until 1:00 pm. If a lot of people show up early, they may have no choice but to tell people to leave and come back at 1:00 pm. When I picked up my tickets and spoke to the staff in the ticket office they said they are well aware of the Hokie's reputation for traveling/partying and the police and parking staff will definitely be prepared for the crowd.
How does the parking work?
They are conducting parking the same as they do for a normal Redskins game, which means you only have stadium parking if you received a parking pass along with your tickets (as opposed to the cash lots). The parking passes are tags that you hang from your rear-view mirror so the police and stadium staff can direct you to the appropriate lots. If you don't have a parking pass, you will not be allowed to enter the parking area around the stadium.
If you have BCA tickets but no parking pass, your parking is still covered, but you will only be able to park in the cash lots that are located across 495/95 from the stadium. The ticket office said that the cash lots will be free to anyone that has a ticket. You can get a better idea of where these lots are by looking at the FedEx Parking Diagram on the Redskins website. In the linked diagram, the cash lots are the ones across from 495/95 in the dark maroon color.
How will I know which lot to park in?   Are there assigned spaces?
You go to the lot that relates to the color of your parking pass. There are Purple, Orange, Green, Blue, and Red lots by the stadium and cash lots across 495/95. If you don't receive one of these passes, your parking is in the cash lot - and yes it is FREE.
As you come up the streets that approach the stadium, there will be big signs that direct you to the appropriate lanes of traffic depending on the lot you are in. Get in one of the lanes that is the same color as the Parking pass you receive. IMPORTANT - Be sure to hang your parking pass from your rear view mirror before you get to the stadium. If you don't, they'll try to direct you to the cash lots and you'll back up the flow of traffic.
You pass through a police line first. They make sure you have a parking pass and that you're going in the right general direction. Once you're through the police line, you get to the lot entrances. There are Skins staff members that direct the traffic flow in there. If you get to the stadium early enough, you can park wherever you want in the lot - front, back, middle, etc. They don't care. If you arrive closer to game time, you have to follow the slug line of cars that goes where the Skins staff points you.
The numbers on the tags don't mean anything. There are no assigned spaces based on numbers. They are only for inventory control.
A little advice - COME EARLY!
What is the best way for me to get to the stadium?
Traveling on 495/95, if you have a Purple, Orange, or Green parking pass, all of the stadium access roads have sufficient access to your lots. If you have a Red or Blue parking pass, Arena Drive (exit 16) is the most direct route. If you are parking in the cash lots, both Arena Drive (exit 16) and Rt 202 (exit 17) have direct routes to the lots - but remember the cash lots are on the opposite side of 495/95. Use this link to the FedEx Parking Diagram for further reference (BTW - the Purple lots look Royal Blue in this diagram).
Can I use the Metro to get to the game?
Yes. You can take the Orange Line to the Landover Metro station or the Blue Line to the Addison Road Metro station. From these stations, you can take a shuttle bus directly to FedExField. Buses travel to and from the stadium approximately every 15 minutes. For the BCA game, buses begin their service two hours before game time and the last bus after the game departs approximately one hour following the game. A roundtrip shuttle bus fare costs $5.00.
When do the cash lot shuttles start and stop running?
Same as the Metro shuttles - they will not run until 2 hours before game time and approximately 1 hour following the game. That means if you're parking in the cash lot and plan to tailgate in the stadium lots before they start running, you'll have to walk to the stadium (I assume they'll allow the pedestrian traffic before the shuttles run).
How much do the shuttles cost?
All shuttles - for the Metro and cash lots - are $5 for a round trip.
Do I have to pay to park in the "cash lots"?
No. If you don't have a permit, then your parking is free in the cash lots. The cost is already covered in the price of the tickets. All you need to do is show your ticket and they'll let you in.
Can I rent a shuttle bus for me and my group and park in a stadium lot?
Probably not. The rule of thumb for parking in the stadium lots is that your vehicle MUST be able to fit in a normal parking space. If it can't, you won't be able to enter the parking lots near the stadium. You will be directed to the cash lots. The only exception is the special parking for Buses, limos, and RVs, but you need a specific pass for that and they are sold out of those.
Can I just have a cab, bus, or limo drop me off in front of the stadium?
Unless you've made some kind of special arrangements with the Skins office - NO. All buses, vans, limos, etc. that are just dropping people off and do not have special permits will be directed to the cash lots for drop off. You can hop the cash lot shuttle from there. Actually, I'd assume most local drivers know the rules.
Tailgating at FedEx Field
What are the rules for tailgating?
There aren't a whole lot of rules. The most important issue is traffic flow. As long as your group doesn't disrupt the normal flow of cars through the parking lot, then you'll probably be left alone. They won't allow any tailgating in open parking spots like they do at Skins games, because they are anticipating an early crowd and filled-to-capacity lots. Also, you can't use extra parking passes to hold parking spots for tailgate space and you can't take up more than one space per car. The passes can only be used for vehicles, and yes they enforce this rule. They ask that you tailgate behind or in front of your vehicle only. You can bring grills, tents, tables, etc, as long as they don't cause problems with the traffic. There are port-o-johns located throughout the parking lots. I have never had any trouble with alcohol at our Skins tailgates, so I'd imagine as long as you're somewhat discreet and the people in your group don't get out of control you won't have any pr! oblems.
Stadium and Seating Information
When does the stadium open?
The stadium opens 2 hours prior to game time. That's the same for all levels.
Where are my seats?
Check the FedEx Seating Diagram at the redskins website. If you'd like to see the view from your seats, try this link (the link mapping is a little off on the bottom of the picture, so make sure the graphic that comes up corresponds to your level).
I know what section I'm in, but where in my section are my seats?
The row numbering begins with the lowest row in the section. If you are standing on the field and looking up at your section, the seat numbers start on the left aisle side and move up incrementally as you go to the right. This is based on my personal experience as a Skins season ticket holder. I have seen the opposite posted, but I doubt the seat numbering scheme changes in the middle of the stadium. I am trying to verify this with the Skins office.
Will there be beer served?
Yes. There is a four (4) drink maximum per purchase, per person (in other words, you can only buy 4 beers at a time). Alcohol sales are stopped at the end of the 3rd quarter, except on the Club Level. In addition to beer, the Club Level also has several full service bars.
How much does the food and alcohol cost?
Plenty. This is an NFL venue, so expect to spend some cash if you want to eat and drink - but it's worth it to have fun. Don't quote me, but I want to say a beer is around $6 to $8. Actually, everything is around that price - Chicken fingers, Burgers, etc. - they all seem to be between the $6 to $10 range. It's more expensive than a night in Blacksburg - that's for sure.
Where do the escalators and elevators go?   Can I use them to get to the 400 level?
Elevators are located at Gates A and E for the convenience of Loge, Suite, Owner's Club, and disabled Guests only. The Club Level escalators, located at Section 101 and Section 122, are available to Guests with a Club, Field Club (Dream seats), Loge, Suite, or Owner's Club ticket. An escalator which accesses the Upper Level only (400 sections) is located between Gates A and B at Section 106 and can be accessed either via the concourse or the turnstiles at Gate A. The Upper Level escalator drops you off at Section 412.
Why is the face value of my tickets less than what I paid for them through the ticket office?
Be sure you're adding in the appropriate costs for the additional fees. For example - $25 face value + $5 parking + $4 service charge = $34 price paid.
What's the deal with the obstructed view tickets?
Here are two recent articles about the new seating at FedEx and the obstructed view seats (you may have to register with these sites to read the articles):
Link to Wash Post Article
Link to Wash Times Article
Who has access to the Club Level?
Only people with a Club, Field Club (Dream seats), Loge, Suite, or Owner's Club ticket. There are FedEx staff members at the bottom and top of the escalators that check.
When does the Club Level open and close?   What is in the Club Level?
The Club Level opens 2 hours before the game and, more importantly, stays open for around 1 1/2 to 2 hours after the game. There are several restaurants and bars on the Club Level. You can get beer as well as mixed drinks and other alcohol in the Club Level - and yes, they serve the entire time the Club Level is open (normal stadium seating stops after the 3rd quarter). The entire concourse is climate controlled, and there are numerous leather seats and couches throughout the Lounge areas to relax in. There is also an outside deck where most of the pre and post game partying goes on. It's a nice place to stay after the game while traffic clears out. Click here to read more about FedEx Field premium seating.
What kind of security is there when entering the stadium?
The closer to kickoff, the longer the back up at the gates. They definitely check for the prohibited items identified below. It isn't much different than entering Lane Stadium. Here's the information straight from the Skins website:
Everyone entering FedEx Field is subject to search by the security staff. This requires fans to enter through predetermined screening locations, which sometimes results in crowding.
Please be aware that the following items are prohibited inside FedExField:

  • Bags, including: backpacks, gym bags, duffel bags, packages, briefcases, large purses, etc.
  • Food and beverages of any kind
  • Umbrellas
  • Bottles, jugs, thermoses, cans, coolers, or any other container
  • Animals (except for certified guide dogs assisting disabled guests)
  • Whistles, horns and other noise makers (I guess that means I can't bring my Hokie gobbler)
  • Weapons, firearms
  • Illegal drugs
  • Folding chairs
  • Leafletting or distribution of any literature
Small purses are permitted. However, any purse and its contents must fit into a stadium measuring box, which measures under 4 inches in width, under 12 inches in length, and under 10 inches in height. FedExField cannot provide storage for any prohibited items fans bring to the gate. They must be returned to a fan's vehicle or discarded.
What if I have a question that I don't see answered here?
Take a look at the Redskins website. Almost every question you could have is answered there. Try the Stadium Guide page first. There are also seating and parking diagrams there:
Link to FedEx Stadium Guide

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