Virginia Tech 2000 Football Ticket Allocation

The following information and the accompanying graphic were included with the 2000 football season ticket packaged mailed out by the Virginia Tech Athletic Department. It is included here on HokieCentral because the topics of (a) how many tickets are allocated to what groups; and (b) where the different seating areas are; often come up on the message board.

Seating Group and Color Code (if applicable) # of Tickets Allocated
  Student Tickets 17,000
  Corporate Tickets1 1750
  Individual Game Allotment2 4700
  Contract, Promo, and Sponsorship (CPS) Tickets1 2700
    1999 Season Tickets 23,816
    Available Season Tickets for 2000 3913
  Total Tickets (Projected)3 53,879

  1. It is unknown by where corporate tickets and CPS tickets are physically located.
  2. Individual Game Allotments are primarily for visiting fans
  3. Total number of tickets will not be known until new seating construction in the North end zone is completed for the 2000 season. See HokieCentral's Lane Stadium Expansion Page for more details.