Wide Right: Totally Jacked
by Jeff Cockey, 1/22/03

Is it possible that a bunch of guys born before the First World War could beat Warren Sapp, Tikiís older and wiser brother, and the rest of the young Bucs? Possible? Iíd say it is as probable as France beating the Hokies tonight at Cassell Col . . . Oh my god, we are leading by six with four minutes left . . . hold on.

Okay, I am back now. I canít believe it. I truly canít believe it. Did we just? We just? Thatís right France, we just kicked your butts. Oh my god, we won by 18 points. And ending with two of the best slam dunks I have seen from the Hokies in the past few years. Holy Cow! Unbelievable. Did you see how stoked Rickey Stokes was? You would have thought he just won the tourney. Good for him. What a game. What an unbelievable game.

Was anyone left sitting down after that one? I know I sure as hell wasnít seated. As soon as the buzzer sounded I ran to the middle of my living room (doing my best Jimmy V. impression) looking for someone to hug. What a ridiculous night. Can we just end the season here? Seriously, letís just go home on top of the world. Weíre done for the season, thanks for everything, see you next year. "Goodnight Blacksburg!" What do you bet UVa decides they donít want to play in Cassell anymore; back to the neutral site games, so France has a shot. France and neutral seem to be going hand-in-hand lately.

This should be a huge sign to VT - a huge sign. Now is the time to turn it on as far as basketball is concerned. Why canít we be more than a football school? Why canít we have Cassell jam-packed and sold out for every game? Why canít we have two sports ranked in the top 25 year after year, after year? I see no reason why we canít. Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Alabama, Georgia, and Maryland have done it, much to my chagrin. (You see, my father attended the University of the Special Turtles, and I never hear the end of it when they are ranked higher than we are in football. They are a two-sport school. Some would argue that they are a several sport school, but they have made a concerted effort to improve their football program. It can be argued that they had no way to go but up).

Why canít we do the same with basketball? This is the time. Dump some money into Rickyís hands. Letís give him the coaching staff he needs. Letís bring in some big names and build our facilities up to championship levels. If we get it done, and where there is a will there is a way, then the big name recruits will come. We will be transported back to í95-Ď96 when we were beating Texas in the Sugar and ending the basketball season ranked in the top 25. Way to go Hokies. A well earned CONGRATULATIONS.

Hmmmm, I guess the Bucs do have a shot this Sunday. I am in an underdog mood, so here goes: The Golden Oldies 17 Ė The Young Bucs 24.

I can not wait until the madness of March is upon us.

By the way, as if we needed more ridiculous stuff on TV, Wink Martindale is hosting an intelligence test on the reality show "Meet My Parents." Are you kidding me? Wink Martindale, from Tic Tac Dough. Tic Tac Dough, the game show with that crazy Atari-looking dragon. As an aside, I donít think his hair has moved one bit since the airing of his last episode. Pure comedy - you canít make this stuff up.


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