12:00 pm EST ESPN +, Gameplan
  Temple 1-5
-31 #2 Miami 6-0
Another classic Big East rivalry, doomed to the dustbin of history.  TiVo this one folks, it's got "instant classic" written all over it.
Pick: Miami
7:00 pm EST Fox Sports Net
  Missouri 5-1
-26 #1 Oklahoma 6-0
Missouri just got a 24 year old monkey off their backs, and won't have to put with derisive "white meat" chants coming out of the Nebraska students' section for at least one year.

Oklahoma just put up 50+ points for the fourth week in a row.  For the sake of the rest of the nation, I hope that the Sooners have peaked early.  If there's still room for improvement, we may as well give them that big crystal football right now!

Pick: Mizzou
2:30 pm EST NBC
-8 #4 USC-West 5-1
  Notre Dame 2-3
In typical fashion, Notre Dame continues to win when we want them to lose, and lose when we want the to win.  Love those fighting Irish.  Just love them.  Perhaps we can get the together with the Dallas Cowboys and the N.Y. Yankess and have a great big "America's Team" love fest.  Oh yes, good times indeed.
Pick: Southern Cal
7:45 pm EST ESPN
-7.5 #7 Florida State 5-1
  Wahoo State 4-2
Ahem!  I believe I called that one about right.  Chris Rix just can't win the big game.  Luckily for the Noles, the only thing big about the Wahoos is their talk.
Pick: F$U
3:30 pm EST ABC, Gameplan
  #9 Iowa 5-1
-3.5 #8 Ohio State 5-1
Can you believe that there are people in Columbus who are calling for Jim Tressel's head?  Six whole game removed from winning an MNC, and he's in a firestorm.  Oy.  Are we sure that we really want a MNC and all the baggage that comes with it?

umm .... YES!

Pick: tOSU
7:45 pm EST ESPN 2
-4 LSU 5-1
  South Carolina 5-2
Well, South Carolina is firmly entrenched in the 2nd tier of the SEC.  They're tough, and are entirely capable of winning this game.

But LSU is very much in the thick of the always unpredictable SEC West, and Nick Saban is too good of a coach to let his team lose focus here.  It may be ugly, but I like the Bayou Bengals.

Pick: LSU
12:00 pm EST ESPN
-2 #15 Purdue 5-1
  #12 Wisconsin 6-1
Classic letdown game once again.  Wisconsin left everything on the field against the Buckeyes, and reveled in some much earned glory.  But Purdue is no pushover.  I'm a little surprised about the line though.  Vegas must be actually be expecting a let down out of the Badgers.

But we here at Beerman Inc. love the underdog.  Especially when it's a higher ranked team, and extra-specially when they're at home.

Pick: Wisconsin
12:00 pm EST ESPN
  #18 Michigan State 6-1
-6 #19 Minnesota 6-1
Gut check time for the Gophers.  They lost, no big deal.  But they collapsed to the tune of 31 points in the fourth quarter.  Again no big deal ... if they can put it behind them.

Michigan State has been rolling, but that nasty upset loss to Louisiana Tech causes me problems.  Good teams don't even allow themselves to be in position for the upset.

Pick: Michigan State
3:30 pm EST ABC, Gameplan
  #23 Texas Tech 5-1
-3 #24 Oklahoma State 5-1
This one has 49-45 written all over it.  I don't normally watch random Big XII games, but this one should be fun.

First we've got The Red Raiders, coming in averaging a gaudy 47 points per game.  B.J. Symons is, quite simply, the man.  He's got half a dozen quality receivers to throw to, and it's all but impossible to shut down their attack.  But the Techsters have an Achilles heel, and that is their defense.  Ranked 109th in total defense, and giving up 30 points per game means that they are doomed to drop 3 or 4 games before all is said and done.

Oklahoma State looks to me the more solid team, but they're awfully dependant on Rashaun Woods.  Also, the virtual shutouts of various directional and/or private religious colleges throws a suspect light on their defensive accomplishments.

Pick: Texas Tech

#5 Georgia (5-1) -24.5 @ Vanderbilt (1-6)
#6 Washington State (5-1)
-10 @ Stanford (2-2)
#10 TCU (6-0)
-10.5 v. UAB (3-3)
#11 Arkansas (4-1)
-4.5 v. Florida (4-3)
#14 Nebraska (5-1)
-10.5 v. Texas A&M (3-3)
#16 Northern Illinois (6-0)
-12.5 v. Western Michigan (3-3)
#17 Michigan (5-2)
-27.5 v. Illinois (1-6)
#20 Texas (4-2)
-16.5 @ Iowa State (2-4)
#21 Oregon State (5-1)
-10.5 v. Washington (3-3)
#25 Auburn (4-2)
-21 v. Mississippi State (2-4)

Boston College (4-2) -3.5 @ Syracuse (3-2)
Pittsburgh (4-2)
-16 @ RUTSgers (3-3)



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