Weekend Rooting Guide - Opponents' Opponents
by Matthew McKinley

The BCS formula for Strength of Schedule (SOS) includes the winning percentages of a team’s opponents and their opponents’ opponents as well. So the team that Pitt played back in Week 3 (South Florida) needs to keep winning. In order to know who to root for, you have to know who each of your opponents has or will have played. So the following is a list of the teams that Virginia Tech opponents have played, grouped by the number of times each has appeared on Tech Opponents’ schedules, and who they played. (Division 1-AA teams are in italics, teams that also appear on Tech’s schedule are preceded by an @.)



Eastern Washington (UConn)

Ball State (UConn, WMU)

Cincinnati (UConn)

Eastern Michigan (UConn, WMU)

Middle Tenn. State (UConn)

Buffalo (UConn, RU)

Illinois State (WMU)

Utah State (UConn, UCF)

Michigan (WMU)

Akron (WMU, UCF)

Northern Illinois (WMU)

South Florida (UConn, Pitt)

Miami, Ohio (WMU)

Alabama-Birmingham (Pitt, UCF)

Central Michigan (WMU)

Toledo (WMU, TU)

California (RU)

Bowling Green (WMU, TU)

Louisiana-Lafayette (UCF)

@UConn (RU, TU)

Tulane (UCF)

Clemson (UCF, UVA)

Liberty (UCF)

Maryland (WVU, UVA)

Louisiana-Monroe (UCF)

Georgia Tech (SU, UVA)

Arkansas (UCF)

Penn State (UVA, UM)

Ohio (WVU)

Florida State (UVA, UM)

Kent State (WVU)

Stanford (BC)

Three Times

Army (BC)

Notre Dame (WVU, BC, Pitt)

Tennessee (SU)

Navy (RU, BC, TU)

@Central Florida (SU)

East Carolina (SU)

Six Times

Auburn (SU)

@Miami (all Big East teams)

East Tennessee State (Pitt)

@Pittsburgh (all Big East teams)

Wisconsin (UVA)

@West Virginia (all Big East teams)

Richmond (UVA)

@Boston College (all Big East teams)

Duke (UVA)

North Carolina State (UVA)

Seven Times

Wake Forest (UVA)

@Rutgers (all BE teams + UConn)

North Carolina (UVA)

@Temple (all BE teams + UConn)

Troy State (UM)

@Syracuse (all BE teams + UCF)

Washington (UM)

-- Matthew McKinley (Freddyburg Hokie)


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