Dear Santa....
by Joel Kelly, 12/24/01

Dear Santa:

I am a Hokie (that is a bunch of great people who cheer for the best college ever built and is located in Southwest Virginia) and I have a list of stuff I’d like to get for my friends at Christmas:

For the Cuse fans: a map, some free air fare, and the desire to see their team play some place else other than the Jiffy-Pop Dome…(thanks for the suggestion, Jim A.)

For the Cane fans: some crystal and a standing "O" for their football team

For the WVU fans: some real grass for their field

For the hoo fans: a clue (Santa, I know even though you possess great magic, there are some things even YOU can’t do…)

For the Pitt fans: a new home (oh, you gave them that all ready)

For the BC fans: a new coach

For the Temple fans: a new conference

For the Rutgers fans: a new football team

And Santa, there is my Hokie family that I’d like you to get some real cool stuff for:

For the VT fans: A National Championship

For Coach Beamer: The hankering to stay put!

For Coach Foster: A new wipe board to write plays and stuff on

For Coach Bustle: A Cajun cookbook

For Coach Stinespring: The St. Louis Rams playbook

For Coach Gottfried: A "Do Not Get Hurt All Season" stack of passes

For Lane Stadium: About $25 Million dollars.

For "The Walk": A great name befitting of the team that makes it great

For Grant Noel: A little respect

For Lee Suggs: A healthy knee and an injury free 2002

For KJ: the wishbone offense (also, see above about 2002)

For our seniors: the NFL Draft

For Shayne Graham: a long NFL career with the Bills

For Bruce Smith: a Super Bowl ring

For Antonio Freeman: another Super Bowl ring

For Michael Vick: many Super Bowl rings…or a starting job

For Bill Roth: throat spray

For Mr. Weaver: more schedules like 2002

For the Hokie football team: lots of wins, good health, and good grades

For Will Stewart: A press pass (Santa, if you can’t get him that, how about a couple thousand TSLX subscriptions!)

For CONY: Love and prayers (please give this to all who need it)

For the many good people who make their home: Peace

Thanks, Santa…


PS-I’ve heard you are a Hokie…is this so? Its gotta be…Hokies are the best!


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