Beermanís Picks
by Ben Shapiro, 11/7/01

Each week this season, I will be posting a column previewing the upcoming weekend's Big East and Top-25 match-ups. All rankings are from the Bowl Championship Series Poll. I don't pick winners (that's too easy), I pick against the spread.  All picks are for entertainment purposes only.  For the most current TV information, click on over to TV Guide

Last Week: It IS 1997 all over again.  So once again, we find that evil of the past seeps into the present like salad dressing through cheap wax paper, mixing memory and desire.

This Week: If FOX is to be believed, "The Tick is coming".

Not in Action: Everyone, actually, is playing this week.

Saturday 11/10
#1 NEBRASKA (10-0) vs. Kansas State (4-4)
Line: UNL(-13.5)

3:30 pm EST
(ABC, Gameplan)

Nebraska is mighty.  They are nigh invulnerable.  They're making gravy without the lumps!
Pick: Nebraska
#2 Miami (FL) (7-0) @ BOSTON COLLEGE (6-2)
Line: Miami (-20) 12:00 pm EST
(ABC, Gameplan)
I long for the day when Miami and Boston College can play a peaceful, friendly game of football.  A game unsullied by the same god awful overplayed replay EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

Yes, destiny has her hand on Miami's back, and she's pushing!

Pick: Miami
#3 OKLAHOMA  (8-1) vs. Texas A&M (6-2)
Line: Oklahoma (-17.5) 12:00 pm EST
(ABC, Gameplan)
Well, if we do play Texas A&M in the Insight.Com bowl, one thing no one will have to worry about is injuries caused by excessive end zone painting.
Pick: aTm
#4 TENNESSEE (7-1) @ MEMPHIS (3-4)
Line: Tennessee (-24) 2:00 pm EST
When asked if he considered the the other I-A teams in the state rivals, UT coach Phil Fulmer responded: "Well, some I consider our rivals and some ...I just consider."
Pick: Memphis
#5 TEXAS (8-1) vs. Kansas (1-6)
Line: Texas (-34) 12:30 pm EST
After barely squeezing out a 39 point victory over perennial power Baylor last week, the Longhorns must once again suit up and take to the trenches to combat another mighty opponent.  Tough?  You bet it is, but that's life in the nation's strongest football conference...
Pick: Texas
#6 Oregon (8-1) @ #16 UCLA (6-2)
Line: UCLA (-3.5)

3:30 pm EST
(ABC, Gameplan)

Two weeks ago this game was for the Rose Bowl.  Today, it's yesterday's advertising campaign against tomorrow's Stacey Mack.
Pick: Ducks
#7 FLORIDA (7-1) vs. #17 South Carolina (7-2)
Line: Florida (-12) 7:45 pm EST
What kind of world do we live in, where a 64 point drubbing of Vanderbilt somehow convinced a voter to switch their allegiance from Miami to the Gators?  It's the old "my patsy is better than your patsy" argument, and it simply doesn't hold water.

Reason #346.3 why we need a playoff.

Pick: USC-SE
#8 Washington (7-1) @ OREGON STATE (3-5)
Line: Washington (-3.5)

3:30 pm EST

3-5?  Geez, I didn't realize it was quite that bad.  Truly, the SI Jinx is a harsh mistress.
Pick: Washington


Line: WSU (-1.5)

6:30 pm EST
(Some FoxSportsNet)

Wazzou in the top-10? You're not going crazy. You're going sane in a crazy world!
Pick: WSU
#10 MICHIGAN (6-2) vs. Minnesota (2-5)
Line: Big Blue (-15.5) 12:00 pm EST
In the wake of last week's down to the wire finish, Lloyd Carr has assigned two backup linebackers to sit in the press box and "observe" the official time keeper.
Pick: Michigan
#11 Stanford (5-2) @ ARIZONA (4-5)
Line: Stanford (-9)

7:00 pm EST
(ABC, Gameplan)

Must be nice, to lose a quarterback to injury and still be able to compete against top-10 teams.  *sigh*
Pick: Stanford
#12 ILLINOIS (7-1) vs. Penn State (3-4)
Line: Illinois (-9.5)

3:30 pm EST
(ABC, Gameplan)

Break up the Nits!
Pick: Illinois
#13 Brigham Young (9-0) @ WYOMING (1-6)
Line: BYU (-23)

3:00 pm EST
(Gameplan, ESPN+)

As horrifically bad as Wyoming is, if I were Gary Crowtan I'd try to hang 100 here...
Pick: BYU
#14 FLORIDA STATE (6-2) vs. N.C. State (5-3)
Line: FSU (-18.5)

3:30 pm EST
(ABC, Gameplan)

Florida State has looked pretty good lately. I'm not picking them to beat Florida, not yet. But if they can manage that trick, AND win their bowl game (Gator vs. Syracuse?) yet another top-5 finish is not entirely out of the question.
Pick: NCSU
#15 MARYLAND (8-1) vs. Clemson (5-3)
Line: UMuD (-7)

7:00 pm EST

Florida State may be out of their reach for now, but THIS game is the sort that should measure just how good Maryland really is. Heck, there's even a chance that it sells out!
Pick: Maryland
#18 SYRACUSE (7-2)  vs. West Virginia (3-5)
Line: Cuse (-14.5) 12:00 pm EST
(Gameplan, ESPN+)
80 points?  For shame ...
Pick: Cuse
#19 GEORGIA (5-2) vs. #22 Auburn (6-2)
Line: UGA (-8.5)

3:30 pm EST

First it was Mississippi State, then it was LSU, then it was Auburn, then it was Mississippi, now it's Auburn again. When does Arkansas get their turn as "Token Top-25 SEC West Team" ? I suppose after Georgia wins here.
Pick: Auburn
#20 Colorado (7-2) @ IOWA STATE (4-4)
Line: Colorado (-4)

7:30 pm EST
(Most FoxSportsNet)

As Colorado readies themselves for their showdown with Nebraska, Iowa State is trying to make it two bowl games in a row for the first time since ... well ... since I started paying any attention to college football.
Pick: Buffs
#21 Georgia Tech (5-2) @ WAHOO STATE (3-6)
Line: GT (-14)

3:30 pm EST

If there is one thing to be gained from our 1997 flashback, it's that with SOS being irrelevant I can now root against Wahoo State with impunity.
Pick: HooVA
#23 LOUISEVILLE (7-1) vs. Houston (0-8)
Line: U of L (-32)

2:30 pm EST

Ranked behind Louiseville?  Is this what we have been reduced to?

Oh the humanity...

Pick: Houston
#24 Purdue (5-2) @ OHIO STATE (5-3)
Line: OSU (-6) 12:00 pm EST
I'm drawing a blank.  Nothing.  Zippy.  Thank goodness I'm not forced to watch this!
Pick: Purdue
#25 MICHIGAN STATE (5-2) vs. Indiana (2-5)
Line: MSU (-7.5) 12:00 pm EST
"Got to pull myself together...must...defy...laws...of physics!"

At least that's what I think Antwaan Randle El says to himself before every game.

Pick: MSU
Virginia Tech (6-2) @ TEMPLE (2-5)
Line: VT (-23.5) 12:00 pm EST
I'm taking off the kid gloves, and putting on the very mad gloves!
Pick: Temple
PITTSBURGH (3-5) vs. Rutgers (2-6)
Line: UPitt (-20)

1:30 pm EST

With Rutgers, West Virginia, and UAB "looming" on the horizon, the Panthers have a distinct chance to make it to the Tangerine Bowl.  I don't know if I'd call that solace, but it's something...
Pick: Rutgers
Game of the Week to Watch: Oregon - UCLA if you get it.  Personally I'm looking forward to MD-Clemson tho.

Last Week: 8-13

Season To Date: 98-99-1

Upset Special: Oregon over UCLA(4-6)


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