Beermanís Picks
by Ben Shapiro, 10/19/01

Each week this season, I will be posting a column previewing the upcoming weekend's Big East and Top-25 match-ups. All rankings are from the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll. I don't pick winners (that's too easy), I pick against the spread.  All picks are for entertainment purposes only.  For the most current TV information, click on over to TV Guide

Last Week: One down, three to go.

This Week: Kind of a slow week actually.   The airwaves are littered with unranked teams, and there is only one intra-top-25 matchup.  I might have to find something productive to do this Saturday.  Oh the humanity!

Not in Action: #1 Miami (FL), #4 Virginia Tech, #7 Florida, #9 Michigan,
#24 Purdue

Thursday 10/18
#18 WASHINGTON STATE (6-0) vs. Montana State (4-2)
Line: no line (I-AA)

10:00 PM EST

So this is how Washington State rewards us for being voted in to the top-25?  By playing JMU?


Pick: Wazzou
Friday 10/19
#10 FRESNO STATE (6-0) vs. Boise State (3-3)
Line: Fresno (-14.5)

8:00 PM EST

It was a close one, but for Fresno State it's all downhill after making it by Colorado State last week.

If they win out, I bet they get top-6 in both opinion polls, but their SOS will bring them down to ... I'm guessing #8 ... in the BCS

Pick: FSU
Saturday 10/20
#2 OKLAHOMA (6-0) vs. Baylor (2-3)
Line: Oklahoma (-35)

3:00 PM EST

Oklahoma.  By as much or as little as they want.
Pick: Ooooooooooooklahoma
#3 NEBRASKA (7-0) vs. Texas Tech (3-2)
Line: UNL (-24) 7:00 PM EST
(Most of FoxSportNet)
Long story short: All that matters here is that Nebraska avoids injuries and is ready for next week against OU.
Pick: Huskers
#5 OREGON (6-0) vs. Stanford (3-1)
Line: Oregon (-7.5) 3:30 PM EST
(ABC, GamePlan)
Oregon seems to have emerged from their early season shell.  (Ducks have shells?)  I think this game will prove that.  The Ducks are going to win, and I suspect they're going to win BIG.
Pick: Ducks
#6 UCLA (5-0) vs. California (0-5)
Line: UCLA (-27.5) 10:00 PM EST
It's not a bye week, but it's close!

Oh, and for the record: Of all the remaining unbeatens, UCLA worries me the most.  I just have this nasty feeling that this could be their year.

Pick: UCLA

#8 TEXAS (5-1) vs. #17 Colorado (5-1)

Line: Texas(-10)

3:30 PM EST
(ABC, GamePlan)

And this is just the sort of mid-major game that Mack Brown does tend to win.  I like the Buffs and all, but I don't know if they can pull this one off.

But last week's trouncing of Okie State (and Chris Simms 5 TDs) had "I don't care! We're a good team, and we're going to prove it by rolling up stats on a crappy opponent!" written all over it in petulant orange letters.

I think Colorado keeps it close.

Pick: Buffs
#11 Tennessee (3-1) @ ALABAMA (3-3)
Line: Tennessee (-2) 3:30 PM EST
Listen.  I know this is a big rivalry game.  And I know Tennessee has not exactly been dominant this season.   But has anyone in Vegas actually watched Alabama play?  They're awful.
Pick: Vols
#12 WASHINGTON (4-1) vs. Arizona (3-3)
Line: Washington (-14) 6:30 PM EST
This one could be trouble...for both teams actually.

Washington has their pick of two injured quarterbacks.  Not fun.  Arizona has dropped three straight (in ugly fashion) after a promising 3-0 start.  I don't think either team really wants much to play this game.

Pick: Zona
#13 BYU (6-0) vs. Air Force (4-1)
Line: BYU (-12.5) 5:45 PM EST
BYU is an upset waiting to happen.  I don't want to start an SOS argument, but Air Force will be the first team that the Cougs play with a winning record.  The first team they played that had any wins at all was New Mexico last week, and they almost beat em!
Pick: AFA
#14 MARYLAND (6-0) vs. Dook (0-6)
Line: Maryland (-25)

1:00 PM EST
(GamePlan, JP Sports)

It's gotten so bad in Durham, that Jeff George was seen working out during practice this week.
Pick: Maryland
#15 CLEMSON (4-1) vs. North Carolina (4-3)
Line: Clemson (-7.5) 12:00 PM EST
North Carolina is running roughshod through the ACC right now.  There's really no other way to describe it.  And Dantzler?  Criminey!  Last week was a game for the ages.  I'm not usually a fan of watching ACC ball, but this could very well be the most entertaining game of the weekend.
Pick: UNC
#16 SOUTH CAROLINA (5-1) vs. Vanderbilt (1-4)
Line: USC-SE (-16.5)

7:00 PM EST

Thank yoooooooooooou Arkansas!   That should about do it for any SEC teams having an easy shot at the Rose Bowl this year.
Pick: South Carolina
#19 GEORGIA (4-1) vs. Kentucky (1-5)
Line: UGA (-22.5) 12:30 PM EST
GamePlan, JP Sports)
So if the NCAA drops the hammer on Kentucky, do you suppose they'll rename Hal Mumme Boulevard?
Pick: UK
#20 NORTHWESTERN (4-1) vs. Penn State (0-4)
Line: NW (-11) 3:30 PM EST
(ABC, GamePlan)
You could spot Penn State a twelfth defender, and they still couldn't keep up with the Wildcats.
Pick: Northwestern
#21 AUBURN (5-1) vs. Louisiana Tech (3-2)
Line: Auburn (-13.5)

2:00 PM EST

Auburn #21?  OK, I mean I guess I can't argue with that.  But that puts Syracuse #20 in my book.
Pick: War Eagle
#22 Florida State (3-2) @ VIRGINIA (3-3)
Line: FSU-SE (-12)

7:30 PM EST

I don't know which I'd rather see: Wahoo State going down in ignominious defeat to an obviously flawed Seminole squad ... or FSU dropping out of the top-25 entirely.
Pick: Wahoowah
#23 Toledo (5-0) @ BALL STATE (1-4)
Line: Toledo (-23)

2:00 PM EST

Toledo's been stuck right around #23 for about a month now, and I think they need to lay down a good old fashioned woodshed beating if they want to get noticed again.
Pick: Toledo
#25 GEORGIA TECH (4-2) vs. N.C. State (3-2)
Line: GT (-12.5)

3:30 PM EST
(ABC, GamePlan)

On a weekend starved for quality matchups, when pretty much all the worthwhile games are in the 3:30 ABC timeslot, this snoozefest is the one being broadcast in my home viewing area.

Can you FEEL the excitement?

Pick: NCSU
SYRACUSE (5-2) vs. Temple (2-3)
Line: Syracuse (-16.5)

1:30 PM EST

Good good good.  The Orangemen are starting to get some notice n the national scene.  That win over Auburn has turned out to be bigger than I think any of us believed at the time.

I'm awfully glad we play them in Lane this year...

Pick: Cuse
BOSTON COLLEGE (4-2) vs. Pittsburgh (1-4)
Line: BC (-9.5)

12:00 PM EST
(GamePlan, ESPN+)

It would be nice if the Big East could manage another team or two in the top-25.  Go Eagles!
Pick: Eagles
RUTGERS (1-5) vs. Navy (0-5)
Line: Rutgers (-1.5)

3:30 PM EST

New Slogan: "Rutgers football, sleeping with the fishes."
Pick: Navy
Game of the Week to Watch: Texas - Colorado

Last Week: 13-8

Season To Date: 72-64-1

Upset Special: Air Force over BYU (2-5)


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