Lane Stadium Bleacher Construction - 8/30/99

The Lane Stadium bleacher construction project is almost finished.  The photos below show the status of the construction on Friday, August 27, 1999, just eight days before James Madison is scheduled to visit for the season opener.

Lane is undergoing a bleacher expansion project that will add approximately 2300 permanent metal bleacher seats to the North (Cassell Coliseum) end zone.  The estimated cost of the project is somewhere below $500,000.

For more detail on Lane Stadium expansion, see HC's Lane Stadium Expansion Page.

Each thumbnail image is a clickable link to a larger image.

Bleacher Construction Photos

This view is from approximately the 50 yard line.
This view is from section 3, closer to the seats in order to show more detail.
This composite picture shows the bleachers in pretty good detail from up close.
Under the bleachers, you can see the stairs that lead up to the portal in the middle of the bleachers.  There are two of these entry points, one on each side of the bleachers.
From near the West side stands, you can see that the handicapped area is still intact.  What you can't see clearly in this picture is that the first few rows behind the scoreboard are devoid of seats, since visibility would be blocked.
This picture shows the new bleachers as they appear from ground level in the South end zone.
For comparison, this is a shot of the old South end zone bleachers under the main scoreboard.  I took this picture to show the difference in structure of the two sets of bleachers.

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