Lane Stadium Bleacher Construction - 8/5/99

The Lane Stadium bleacher construction, concreate sealing/whitewashing, and seat replacement project of the summer of 1999 is proceeeding.   The photos below show details of all three projects.

Lane is undergoing a bleacher expansion project that will add approximately 2300 permanent metal bleacher seats to the North (Cassell Coliseum) end zone.  The estimated cost of the project is somewhere below $500,000.

For more detail on Lane Stadium expansion, see HC's Lane Stadium Expansion Page.

Each thumbnail image is a clickable link to a larger image.

Bleacher Construction/Seat Replacement Photos

This view is from approximately the 50 yard line, low in the stands.
This view is from higher up in the stands and also shows the ongoing (from last summer) wooden seat replacement.  The new seats are specially treated to insert splinters in the butts of opposing fans, but not Hokie fans.
A view from closer to the North end zone.
The metal bleacher seats await installation.
A view from the side of the bleachers.
A view from behind the bleachers.  This is two separate photos pasted together, hence, the funny transition in the middle of the picture.


Concrete Sealing/Painting Photos
The West (press box) side of the stadium has been sandblasted, sealed, and repainted.  The East side work has just begun.

West stands.  This shot shows that the support structure, to this point, has not been repainted, but the rest of the exterior has.
West stands - looking sharp.  No more green grunge!
West stands - to this point, the "Home of the Fighting Gobblers" has survived.  Again, this picture shows clearly that the majority of the outside has been redone, but the support structure has not been repainted.
A construction employee works on painting the side of the press box.
East stands - power-washing has just begun.  Note the dinginess of these stands versus the West stands shots above.
A construction employee power-washes the East stands.

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